Phasmophobia's Halloween Update Release Date And Details

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Horror enthusiasts globally have been captivated Phasmophobia. This ghost-hunting adventure recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, offering regular updates like changes to the crucifix, alongside more ghouls. With Halloween coming up, it's only right this horror game is planning something big.

Now, Kinect Games has announced that its big festive update launches today with Phasmophobia: Nightmare. A camping setting has been teased through the developer's Trello Board, alongside confirmation that a nightmare difficulty is arriving, which was previously rumoured.

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Phasmophobia's Halloween Update Release Date And Details

This update will release at 4pm (BST) / 11am (EST) / 8am (PST). Though no official details have been released, the developer's Trello Board hints at some of the upcoming content.

Alongside a campsite map, 2 new ghost types will be added. Thiss Trello Board also states that more aspects are arriving, but we'll keep you informed on any upcoming content for this year's spooky update.

This Halloween addition follows the recent Exposition expansion, which added two ghosts, Goryo and Myling. Improvements to sprinting gameplay and visual/ sound adjustments were also made and similar changes are expected here.

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