Phasmophobia Walkthrough: All of Our Guides in One Place

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The Phasmophobia logo over an image of the living room of the Ridgeview Street House.
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If you're playing Phasmophobia, it's likely that you might need a little help here and there before you become a ghost hunting veteran. There's a wide range of equipment to learn to use as you commence being a paranormal investigator, as well as a breadth of ghost types to get to know. You'll also want to avoid becoming a victim to these ghouls if you wish to make it out alive.

In the following walkthrough, we've broken down all of our guides into relevant sections, such as the basics, equipment, and optional objectives. Good luck!


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Here are a handful of guides on the basics of Phasmophobia. Getting used to being a paranormal investigator isn't always easy, so that's where these guides have stepped in to help you.

The screens in the Phasmophobia van, showing Team Sanity, the Map, Activity Levels, and Sound Sensor activity.


Equipment is vital to your time in Phasmophobia. Using equipment, and making sure you have the right equipment, will help you track down the ghost and retreat to safety!

Phasmophobia's DOTS Projector and EMF Reader being shown in use in a bathroom.

Cursed Possessions

There are six Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia. These items can aid you in your hunt for the ghost, but may incidentally also aid the ghost in hunting you. Be careful.

A player peers through the Haunted Mirror to reveal the ghost's location in Phasmophobia.

Facing Ghosts

Facing the ghosts of Phasmophobia is the most terrifying aspect of the game. They aren't pretty, and they aren't very friendly either. Here are some tips on facing them, avoiding them, and what to do when they get the better of you.

A Phasmophobia ghost in the hunting phase, with a player stood directly behind them.

Optional Objectives and Extras

There are an abundance of optional objectives and extra tasks you can complete for money across Phasmophobia. These guides explain the fun challenges you can embark on beyond ghost hunting.

Bone Evidence can be seen on the bedroom floor in Phasmophobia, with an EMF Reader pointed at it.

There you go! These are all the guides we have put together during our time playing Phasmophobia so far. We'll be adding more as Kinetic Games introduce new updates and elements, so be sure to check back in.