Phasmophobia Hantu and Yokai Ghosts To Be Added In Next Beta Update

Phasmophobia is set to get two new ghosts in the next beta update, with the Hantu and Yokai ghosts arriving.

The team behind the game teased the arrival of the two new ghost types on Twitter. The image below shows the company's Trello board with the two new ghosts highlighted.

The Yokai is a name given to supernatural beings from Japanese folklore and is attracted to human voices. They are often found haunting homes of Japanese families.

The Hantu refers to a Malay and Indonesian term for a spirit. Found in hot climates, they are known to attack when it is cold and they are speedier when the weather is less warm, with the heat making them weaker.

It isn't yet known when we can expect to see Phasmophobia's new beta update drop, but keep an eye on social media for the game to make sure you are getting the latest information. We will also cover the update once it gets fully announced.

While you wait for the next update, catch up with all the ghosts in the game currently. You can also read our review of the game back from December last year.

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