Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions: How To Use the Music Box

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The Music Box, one of six Cursed Possessions, sits on a shelf in the garage of a house in Phasmophobia.

In Phasmophobia, there are six Cursed Possessions. One of which will spawn on every map and can help you find the ghost, or lure you to your death. The Music Box is one of the smaller items and can aid players in finding where the ghost is located, but this does also come with risks for the player, too.

In this guide, we explain how to use the Music Box in Phasmophobia.

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How To Use the Music Box in Phasmophobia

The Music Box has a one in six chance of spawning during every contract in Phasmophobia, just like all the other Cursed Possessions, such as the Ouija Board and Summoning Circle. There will be only one Music Box across the map (if that's the Cursed Possession) that has spawned, and it's a small, brown box that can be rather easy to miss if you aren't looking for it.

The Music Box is pictured below, and can be picked up by the player to help them locate the ghost. When the Music Box is picked up, players can choose to have it play music and then place it down somewhere else around the map. Whenever the box is playing music, the ghost will typically sing along, thus helping the player to narrow down where the ghost may be hiding.

The Music Box, one of six Cursed Possessions, is held by the player in the garage of a house in Phasmophobia.
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As with all Cursed Possessions, the Music Box cannot be used without any risks involved. When the ghost is close to the Music Box, they will walk towards it in their physical form; this is great for capturing photo evidence. However, if the ghost manages to reach the Music Box, or they're following it for more than 5 seconds, a cursed hunt will begin.

During a cursed hunt, there is no way a player can protect themselves unless they find a good hiding spot. The Crucifix will not work.

That's how to go about using the Music Box in Phasmophobia. Be careful not to enjoy the haunting lullabies too much and get caught out by the ghost, though! For more on the Cursed Possessions update, we recommend taking a look at how to use tarot cards. We also have some tips for what to do if worse comes to worst, and you end up dead, here.

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