Outriders: How to Check Server Status For Connection Issues

Outriders: How to Check Server Status For Connection Issues

Outriders: How to Check Server Status For Connection Issues
June 30, 2022: Updated to add more information and reflect the recent launch of Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders released to some fanfare last year but server issues and a lack of endgame content put fans off very quickly. If you're playing the latest DLC and looking up how to check Outriders server status, this is what you need to know.

With Outriders Worldslayer now out in the world, it adds a new tier cap, end game content and tonnes of baddies to take down. Unfortunately, with this reinvigorated interest in the game comes tonnes more people looking to play it for themselves. It seems likely that servers will struggle as new content comes out.

If you're looking for more information, here's everything we know about Outriders Worldslayer right now. Here's our original report on Outriders' first month of sales.

How To Check Outriders Server Status

First things first, players will want to check if the problems they're encountering are isolated to just them or if they're part of a wider issue with the games servers.

So to begin with, players should check the Outriders Server Status page. You can visit by following the link.

Outriders: How to Check Server Status For Connection Issues
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This status page will be regularly updated with information by Square Enix on any issues the game might be encountering, as well as a rundown of any issues that the devs might be Investigating; such as performance issue affecting the Multiplayer experience as well as any potential server outages.

Why are Outriders Servers having issues?

There are lots of reasons why your Outriders connection might not be working as intended.

One possible explanation for poor connections with the game and fellow players could be a result of the game opting to use peer-to-peer connections for online multiplayer, rather than dedicated servers.

Speaking to VG247 ahead of release, Piotr Nowakowski, lead designer at People Can Fly explained the decision, stating:

“When we were developing the game quite a few years ago, when making the choices we made the decision: ‘okay, we’re not going with the dedicated servers”.

Nowakowski also suggested that due to the games relatively low player count, dedicated servers weren’t imperative to the games multiplayer experience, adding:

"because we have three-player co-op we aren’t forced to have dedicated servers – the current structures will be good enough. We’ve developed the game with that in mind, and dedicated servers were on the table a long-long time ago, but we made the decision not to go in that direction.”

Unfortunately though, no matter how good servers are, they will struggle when met with far more players than they are anticipating. If tonnes of players come into the game to try it for themselves, it makes sense that the servers would have problems.

If you're finally giving the game a go for yourself, check out our guides the best Pyromancer build, technomancer build, Devastator build, and trickster build. Worldslayer comes with a free level boost so make sure you know which class works for you before making your choice.

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