Outriders: How to Check Server Status For Connection Issues

Update (April 2) - As per Outriders on Twitter: "We are about to do the mother of all turn-it-off-and-on-agains. This will take all servers offline for a short duration. The complete downage will allow us to rebuild and recover server infrastructure in order to bring it back into a healthy and stable state." More To Follow

Original Story - Outriders might have its very own distinctive look, story and gameplay but one thing it has in common with many other online games is its propensity to suddenly go offline without any explanation.

On launch day the new looter shooter from People Can Fly launched on a whopping five platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox and Google Stadia. That's before you factor in the several different shades of Xbox currently available for players to utilise; oh and Game Pass.


So it's understandable that the game had a few issues with many people encountering a 'could not connect to outriders servers' error message.

Chances are this won't be the only time players experience login issues whilst playing the game.

So we've pulled together a quick guide to help anyone encountering the same issues. Here's everything you need to know.

How To Check Outriders Server Status

First things first, players will want to check if the problems they're encountering are isolated to just them or if they're part of a wider issue with the games servers.

So to begin with, players should check the Outriders Server Status page. You can visit by following the link.

This status page will be regularly updated with information by Square Enix on any issues the game might be encountering, as well as a rundown of any issues that the devs might be Investigating; such as performance issue affecting the Multiplayer experience as well as any potential server outages.


Why are Outriders Servers having issues?

There are lots of reasons why your Outriders connection might not be working as intended.

One possible explanation for poor connections with the game and fellow players could be a result of the game opting to use peer-to-peer connections for online multiplayer, rather than dedicated servers.

Speaking to VG247 ahead of release, Piotr Nowakowski, lead designer at People Can Fly explained the decision, stating:

“When we were developing the game quite a few years ago, when making the choices we made the decision: ‘okay, we’re not going with the dedicated servers”.

Nowakowski also suggested that due to the games relatively low player count, dedicated servers weren’t imperative to the games multiplayer experience, adding:

"because we have three-player co-op we aren’t forced to have dedicated servers – the current structures will be good enough. We’ve developed the game with that in mind, and dedicated servers were on the table a long-long time ago, but we made the decision not to go in that direction.”