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The best Outriders Trickster build and how to make it

The Outriders Trickster build may seem difficult to set up because of the update and nerf, but there is still a way to make it OP. The assassin subclass works best with Outriders' Trickster class because players can get up close, do damage, and get away.​

This build can only be used by players with excellent reactions who are accustomed to thinking quickly in high-intensity battles. Players with low reaction time will need to take this build very seriously.

Arms Trick is the first skill of the Outriders Trickster build towards Assassin and is the first step. From there, players can level up the Assassin tree to the maximum level to create the best Outriders Trickster Build post-nerf.

A skill tree for Outriders Trickster class. There are three branching paths leading to Assassin, Harbinger, and Reaver.
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The Outriders Trickster Skill Tree courtesy of Outriders Fandom

A good strategy is to purchase most of the skills in smaller circles instead of all the large circles. Of the big circles, players should get Shotgun Master, Disruptive Firepower, Outrider Executioner, Bounty Hunter, Oddity Summation, and Cold Calculation. These are great for up close and devastating hits.

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For the Outriders Trickster Build, players should focus on a few skills.

Ace of Trumps, Bulletstorm, and Equilibrium are the only skills players should not select for this Outriders Trickster build since they add little value to the build and are redundant. The best trickster build is one that benefits most in the long run.

Three skills for the Outriders Trickster class are pictured one after the other. The first is Hunt the Prey, it shows a player holding a rifle and a ghost above him. The next picture is Venator's Knife which is a black crystal with some sort of air circling around it. The third picture is a character spinning fast enough to create a cyclone.
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In order, Hunt the Prey, Venator's Knife, and Cyclone Slice

The three best skills for this Outriders Trickster builds are Hunt the Prey and Venator's Knife because both of these allow for opportunities to do a high amount of damage very quickly. Cyclone Slice is good for getting enemies off guard for kill shots, but it's up to the player which skill he uses third.​

Players must choose a build they're comfortable with to be at their best. When making an Outriders Trickster build, a player's playstyle should always come first, but these skills are excellent for building great playstyles. Players should make the necessary adjustments when creating the perfect build.