Outriders Mission List: Here's All of the Main Missions

Outriders offers players a pretty meaty campaign to sink their teeth into. It’ll take you roughly 30 hours to complete, with multiple playthroughs if you want to try out each of the four classes. Beating the campaign involves completing the main story missions, of which there are around 25, alongside side quests and extra activities.

To help you check how far through the Outriders campaign you are, we’ve listed all of the main missions below.

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Outriders Mission List

There are 25 main missions to complete in Outriders. Here’s the list pulling together all of them, alongside which main area each one takes place in.

  1. New Beginning - Prologue
  2. Arrival - Prologue
  3. Tempest - Prologue
  4. Carnage - Prologue
  5. Reunion - Rift Town
  1. Dedication - The First City
  2. Salvation - The First City
  3. Inferno - Eagle Peaks
  4. Frequency - Eagle Peaks
  5. Detour - Deadrock Pass
  6. Mentor - Trench Town
  7. Onslaught - Trench Town
  8. Expedition - Quarry
  9. Mayhem - Forest Enclave
  10. Asylum - Forest Enclave
  11. Judgment - The Stronghold
  12. Relics - Ancient Ruins
  13. Retaliation - The Gate
  14. Beyond - Dunes
  15. Bonds - Dunes
  16. Utargak
  17. Echoes - Desolate Fort
  18. Sacrifice - Canyon of the Grand Obelisk
  19. Babylon - Pax City
  20. Humanity - The Caravel

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How Many Missions Are There in Outriders?

There are 25 main missions to complete in Outriders, as well as around 30 side missions, including bounties, collectible missions and hunts. There care also Expeditions which unlock once you finish the main campaign.

That’s all you need to know about the missions in Outriders. For more on the game be sure to check out our look at Healing in Outriders. Once you’re done there, hit up our guide on farming Titanium.

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