The best Outriders Devastator tank build and exactly what class skills to pick to earn it

Outriders’ Devastator class is supposed to be a tank, though it does not absorb much damage unless the player uses the abilities. To be the best tank they can be, players must adapt a play style that will help them soak up damage. In the later World Tiers, playing the Outriders Devastator class as a tank is the best way to survive.

​In these kinds of games, players should use a min/max technique. Min/maxing is the process of investing only in skills or attributes that will make the player unstoppable and ignoring everything else. In Outriders, this means investing entirely in one class and getting only the skills that help the playstyle chosen.

In a tank that does heavy bleed damage, players should invest in the Seismic Shifter subclass. The Outriders Devastator class may lose some feeling of choice with this approach, but this is an intelligent way to spend class points. The Outriders Devastator class was meant to be a tank, so players should play with the best tank possible.

With that said, the first skill to be bought from the Outriders Devastator class is Anomaly Reservoir. This build will be heavy with bleeds and self-protection, but the weapons are up to how the player prefers shooting. No build will work right if the player is forced to use equipment they aren’t comfortable with, so equipment should always be at the player’s preference.

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The Outriders’ Devastator Tank build works best with certain class skills.

The idea is not to buy all the Outriders Devastator skills in the biggest circles but to get most of the smaller circle skills. In the larger circle, players should only pick Paladin, Stone Circle, Blood Donation, Protected by Anomaly, Skilled Sentry, and Earth’s Heritage. These will help the player keep with their tank build the best, and the others are more for offense than defense.

A long and detailed skills tree for the Outriders Devastator class. The possible subclasses are seismic shifter, Warden, and Vanquisher.
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The Devastator class tree courtesy of Outriders Fandom

Rejuvenation, Perpetual Motion, Through The Mob, and both Red Rivers are the only smaller circle skills players should not grab. This is a case of what’s more effective to an Outriders Devastator tank instead of one being the obvious choice.

The preferred Skills of an Outriders Devastator tank are pretty easy to obtain

Tanks are constantly surrounded, and the devastator is no exception; this class needs to use skills that work best in every situation. The first two skills that should always be on hand are Earthquake and Golem, which happen to be the first skills the player earns. Earthquake shreds through enemies in front of the player while Golem gives a fantastic shield for a short time.

Three skills for Devastator are lined up. The first picture displays a man punching the ground and someone else being thrown off of their feet into the distance. The second picture is a man with heavy armor and the third picture is a man rushing towards the viewer.
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Earthquake, Golem, and Boulderdash in order

The last skill is really up to the player, but Boulderdash is an excellent option. Whenever a Devastator needs to get out of a corner, using Boulderdash is a fast way to knock past all enemies in the way.

Players should pick Outriders Devastator skills based on their playstyle, but most Outriders Devastator builds work best when these skills are used. Ultimately, these tips should help players play the game to their strengths. If some other skills are better for specific players, then slight deviations are always recommended.

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