The best Outriders Pyromancer Build and how to dominate the game with it

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The Outrider's Pyromancer class' popularity stems from its health regeneration abilities and fiery skills. Outriders Pyromancers are a class that behaves like a middle-range class that controls fire. With this class, players can cover their enemies in flames, extinguish entire squads simultaneously, and simultaneously gain healing points by eliminating opponents.

​This class will allow players to regain their health every time they kill an enemy with Pyromancer skills. This means that the build needs to be heavy on fire abilities so that players can end up almost invulnerable. Fire Storm is the best subclass for fire-type abilities.

A player's first skill in the Fire Storm tree is Magma Golem, and players should buy it to start. Grabbing multiple skills from the Fire Storm tree is required to create the best Outriders Pyromancer build.

Players can ignore many of the bigger circle skills, and the player does not need to acquire every small circle skill, just those that are important. In the larger circle, players should only pick Wildfire, Extinction, Distant Flame, Anomalous Lava, Fuel For The Embers, and Magma Elemental.

The Outriders Pyromancer Class Tree. There are three paths displayed, one for Ash Breaker, one for Fire Storm, and one for Tempest.
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Outriders Pyromancer Class Tree courtesy of Outriders Fandom

Of the smaller circles, players should avoid Meltdown, Gifted, and both of the Let Them Burn skills. For these, it's really a matter of player choice, as the smaller circled skills are virtually identical, but the point is to get through the Fire Storm tree quickly.

Players want to have as powerful skills as they can for this Outriders Pyromancer build. Unlike many others, this build is heavier in abilities than shooting due to the healing factor of using powers.

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For Outriders Pyromancer build, these skills are the few that most players like the most.

​Heatwave, Thermal Bomb, and Overheat are the best skills for a solo Pyromancer. These skills damage a wide area and multiple enemies, and when enemies die because of these skills, the player receives health. This will continue to give the player a pool of health to rely on as they solo through the game.

If players like to team up, Overheat can be exchanged for Feed The Flames or another skill that players prefer. These skills are crucial to gameplay because players need to do a lot of damage to kill enemies with their abilities.​

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The Outriders Pyromancer build is optimized for these skills, but players can choose depending on their playstyle. To perform at their best, players need to be comfortable playing in a build they can rely on. The skills a player should keep on hand will vary according to their playstyle within the game, so they must adjust as they go.

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