Ragnarok Arena tier list (March 2024) - Best job at launch

Faces from Ragnarok Arena.

Faces from Ragnarok Arena.
March 29, 2024: Getting into Ragnarok Arena this weekend? Check out the tier list.

A Ragnarok Arena tier list won't make a whole lot of sense in the grand scheme of things. As a strategy game, it's less about a single class choice and more about team compositions and your overall strategy. Still, it's only natural for anyone to wonder which class might just be the strongest. And we're going to look into that below.

Figuring out the best Ragnarok Arena class to play right from the start can make budgeting upgrade materials much easier. It's typical of F2P mobile RPGs to give you an abundance of materials early on and then laugh in your face when you spend them on early, not-so-good units. But knowing where to spend them can make all the long-term difference.

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Ragnarok Arena tier list - What's the best job?

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As explained earlier, the Ragnarok Arena tier list isn't as clear-cut as it looks in the table above.

There's little data to extrapolate for the purpose of a conclusive grading. Instead, we've ranked the best Ragnarok Arena jobs based on relatively generic strategy RPG gradings, light tactical choices, and legacy Ragnarok rankings.

For that, we're sure the Mage is the best job in the game. At least early on. Mages tend to have substantially higher damage potential if given the opportunity.

That means ensuring their low defense isn't preyed upon by the enemy. If you can keep them protected and group enemies up far away, Mages can decimate with powerful area spells. It's that simple. Crowd-control abilities help the cause further.

So that's your lot. Simply put, you'll want to pour your resources into S and A-tier jobs to progress comfortably through the game. The Mage can really help you out, but only if they're backed up with the tank-like Swordsman and the versatile Merchant.

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