Ragnarok Arena codes (March 2024) - Daily ROA coupons

A character from Ragnarok Arena.

A character from Ragnarok Arena.
March 1, 2024: We've checked for new Ragnarok Arena codes.

Ragnarok Arena as a game requires heavy grinding, which is why Ragnarok Arena codes are the must-have commodity item. Don't fret since we've got them in spades. The developers also release multiple codes a year, so it wouldn't hurt to keep checking back.

ROA codes are far from the first time the Ragnarok series of games have included coupons and gifts for players to redeem. Last year, Ragnarok X and Ragnarok: The Lost Memories were the flagship games for mobile. But as of December 2022, Ragnarok Arena could be the new king.

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New Ragnarok Arena codes (March 2024)

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

Ragnarok Arena Codes

Code Reward
New HAPPY2024CNY exclusive rewards
New HELLO2024ROAexclusive rewards
New MERRY2023CHRISTMASexclusive rewards
New ROA1STANN2023exclusive rewards
New DEEPAVALI2023 exclusive rewards
New HALLOWEEN2023exclusive rewards
New MerdekaDay2023exclusive rewards
New HappySGDay2023HappySGDay2023
New HariRayaHaj|2023exclusive rewards
New IndependenceDay2023exclusive rewards
New HappyVesakDay2023exclusive rewards
New BLESSCRYSTALexclusive rewards
New TakeABreakexclusive rewards
New HAPPYRUNE22exclusive rewards
New RUNEGOURMET21exclusive rewards
New EIDMUBARAK2023exclusive rewards
New IMMORTALSTEWexclusive rewards
New HAPPYSATURDAYexclusive rewards
New ROO2023exclusive rewards
New ROODC100000 exclusive rewards
New ROOMAIexclusive rewards
New ROO20exclusive rewards
New ROOYASSIexclusive rewards
New ROOLAUNCHEDexclusive rewards
New ROO2203exclusive rewards
New ROOLAUNCHVIPexclusive rewards
New ROOPEV exclusive rewards
New HELLOSEAexclusive rewards
New ROOAGSEAexclusive rewards
New FALLINGBABYexclusive rewards
New KOBOLDARCHERexclusive rewards
New SOULDESTROYERexclusive rewards
New RAGNAROKARENA2023exclusive rewards
New CNYANGBAO2023exclusive rewards
New ROANY2023 exclusive rewards
New LAUNCHGIFT888exclusive rewards
New ROAKIM87exclusive rewards
New ROARAW13exclusive rewards
New ROADYL25exclusive rewards
New ROAMAI47exclusive rewards
New ROAMAI78exclusive rewards
New ROAAIN78 exclusive rewards
New ROAROS36exclusive rewards
New ROAOSA50exclusive rewards
New ROAFAN43exclusive rewards
New ROAEDW45exclusive rewards
New ROAONY64exclusive rewards
New ROAANG51exclusive rewards
New ROMSEE58 exclusive rewards
New ROAICE46exclusive rewards
New ROAYUN35exclusive rewards
New ROAFAN69exclusive rewards
New ROMSEE58exclusive rewards
New ROAFGLI42exclusive rewards
New ROAMON777exclusive rewards
New ROASAT984exclusive rewards

Expired Codes


How do I use Ragnarok Arena codes?

Because the game isn't available in our region just yet, it's hard for us to explain how to redeem ROArenaGlobal codes right now.

Thankfully, the game's social channels explain things well enough. To redeem daily gift codes in ROA, tap your character icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. From there, simply tap 'System' and then 'Redeem' to get to the right screen.

Enter your Ragnarok Arena code here and you'll get your rewards the moment you submit it.

When do Ragnarok Arena codes expire?

At least for the first month or so of launch, Ragnarok Arena codes are expiring 24 hours after they're issued.

One new code drops each day, so you should always have one to redeem whenever you check in. Of course, redeeming every single one will put you at an advantage against those who miss one, two, or more, so it's important to keep on top of them.

How to download and play Ragnarok Arena

Despite being a supposed global launch, it would appear that Ragnarok Arena isn't available on UK/EU, US, and AU/NZ app stores.

The release of mobile Ragnarok games has always been tricky to predict. The South Korean titles typically stick to SEA regions, with only a few making a proper worldwide release.

If you can't find them on your device's iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store, you're likely outside of the release area. By downloading the APK and running it through an emulator like Bluestacks on PC, however, you'll likely be able to play.

For even more mobile game codes, Idle Huntress codes, Infinity Kingdom codes, and Traha Global codes keep coming in. And for one of our personal favourites, Survivor.io codes are a good shout. It's a Vampire Survivors-style shooter on mobile.

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