Goddess of Victory Nikke server - Is the Nikke Global or NA server censored?

Three Goddess of Victory Nikke characters standing in a row.

Three Goddess of Victory Nikke characters standing in a row.

Is Goddess of Victory Nikke censored? From Proxima Beta, the team behind littles like Alchemy Stars and Destiny Child, there's already confusion over whether the global version of the game will be toned down. For some, paying to own gacha characters that look more enticing on another service is a real concern, so we're going to look into which Nikke Goddess of Victory server is the best: global or NA.

It's usually a moot point a little while after launch as players forget what they saw in the months leading up to release, but the idea of one version of the game having more character eye-candy than another can be enough to sway someone from a server with low ping and lesser visuals to one with higher ping and more artistic freedom.

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Is Goddess of Victory Nikke censored?

So far, it's a little hard to tell whether or not Goddess of Victory Nikke is censored. People think it very well could be purely based on past games from the developer, but social posts seem to suggest otherwise.

From what we can see right now, the promotional material shared by the game's EN social channels use non-censored artwork from the game, but there are instances where things like a character's cleavage is covered when it otherwise wouldn't be.

Though we're struggling to confirm it right now, it appears as if Goddess of Victory Nikke is censored in Japan, which isn't all too surprising. And given that's a server option in the global version, avoid it if you want the full visual experience. You might just have to settle for less launch content over the established version available in those Asia countries.

A Goddess of Victory Nikke character.
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Should I use the Nikke Goddess of Victory Global or NA server?

Which Nikke server you should use really does depend on what you value the most - latency or playerbase. That's because five Nikke servers will be available at launch, scattered all over the world.

Because there's no mention of Nikke being censored outside of the Japan server, which you'll want to avoid if that's a concern, you're free to choose whichever you want. You can change servers on a whim, too, but you'll essentially have separate accounts on each, as progress doesn't carry over from one to the next.

So, which Nikke server you choose should realistically depend on which is closest to you. If you're in North America, you'd pick the North America server to keep ping low.

Because the global servers are located in Europe, anyone from outside of it would likely notice a higher ping, which can negatively affect gameplay in some intense situations. But if you think the global server will offer more players to team up with, it could be worth trying it over the closest server to you if the ping situation doesn't get out of hand.

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