Nikke reroll guide - How to get the best characters for free

Two characters in Goddess of War Nikke.

Two characters in Goddess of War Nikke.

If you're looking for a headstart in the new mobile gacha RPG, our Nikke reroll guide can help. Like most games in the mobile genre, there's an easy way to get some of the best characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke without spending a buck. So long as you have the time and energy to repeat the same steps over and over, you'll ultimately save time (and potentially money) by scoring the best units right from the get-go.

Down below, you won't actually see much until we can confirm the exact steps you'll need to take to pull off the future Nikke reroll method. We'll add the confirmed method once the game is live and we've extensively tested and documented the whole procedure. Until then, we'll speculate how it could work by comparing it to many other gacha games.

For more on this one, check out our Nikke codes list and Nikke tier list. Both will help with the reroll method and beyond. Pulling for great characters is one thing, but if you do it too late, you'll have spent all those easy upgrade materials on the wrong units, so check out the tier list early to avoid wasting time.

Nikke reroll method - How to reroll in Goddess of Victory Nikke

To reroll in Nikke, follow these steps:

  • Download and launch the game
  • Create a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Claim rewards from mission menus and mailboxes
  • Complete Chapter 2-3
  • Go into the Recruit menu to perform the tutorial pull
  • Perform two more ten-pulls with the gems you should have at this point
  • If you don't get the results you want, delete the game and save data
  • Repeat

You'll need to ensure you're using a guest account to pull off a Nikke reroll. Though you can delete your account in-game, there's a 30-day timer attatched, which means you have to stay off the account for that long before it's deleted.

Taking a month to reroll isn't worth it, so you'll want a guest account that's deleted as soon as you delete the game.

What to aim for with a Nikke reroll

Generally speaking, you just want a top-tier character in Nikke, so any Nikke reroll attempts should stop as soon as you get one. You can push for two or more, but expect to perform more rerolls to achieve this.

Check out the Nikke tier list linked above for specifics, but general units to aim for would be Alice, Snow White, Privaty, Drake, and Guillotine. Getting any two of these in your first free pulls will ensure you always have a team capable of clearing some of the hardest content so far.

And that's it for the Nikke reroll guide right now. We'll iron out the kinks and list out the full method when the game launches on November 4. Until then, check out our Blue Archive tier list and Girl Gun Cafe tier list for similar anime gacha shooters.

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