Nikke Twitch drops guide - How to get CSM Twitch Drops in Nikke

The big Nikke CSM crossover has reinvigorated the love for one of the year's more unique mobile gacha games. If you're itching to get your hands on Makima in Nikke during the Chainsaw Man event, you'll need to know how to get Nikke Twitch drops working before it's too late. Here's what to do.

The CMS crossover with Nikke isn't the first time the game has relied on Twitch Drops to give players freebies. Nikke codes are coming in all the time to make things a little easier, but the game launched with a Twitch Drop event that worked in a similar way. And we fully expect it to happen again.

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How to get Nikke Twitch Drops

To get started with Nikke Twitch drops, you need to create and log into your Twitch account on the official Nikke website.

After that, just watch enough of a Nikke streamer and you'll notice a Twitch Drops claim box appear at the top of the chat. Click it to claim your Nikke drops. You'll get more over time, so keep watching the channel to grab a couple more.

The Nikke Twitch Drops setup process.
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Once you're ready to cash in your Nikke Twitch Drops, you'll need to link your Nikke account to the same Twitch account. You'll be able to do this as part of the second step on the website, right after you sign into your Twitch account and select your account's region.

You'll have all the usual log-in methods to use, so it won't matter if you're using Apple, Google, Line, email, or even signing up right there and then. Just select your character after that and you'll be set to get Nikke Twitch drops.

Why didn't I get Nikke Twitch Drops?

Think you've watched enough Nikke on Twitch but don't see the rewards? If you haven't checked your Twitch Inventory already, do that - the chat message could have errored out.

If you still don't see your rewards, make sure your profile is set to Online on Twitch and that you're watching a Nikke stream that's marked with the 'Drops Enabled' tag. If both of those conditions aren't met, you won't be eligible for Twitch drops for Nikke.

What are the Nikke Twitch Drop rewards?

Right now, you can look forward to the following Nikke rewards as Twitch drops:

  • 15-minutes = Credit Case*2H
  • 30-minutes = 150 Gems
  • 45-minutes = 150 Gems
  • 60 minutes = 300 Gems

In total, you can get 600 gems and a Credit Case*2H for watching just an hour of Nikke streams. You can even leave them on in the background. Nobody will know if you walk away from your TV or laptop for an hour to get something else done. So long as the stream is the active window, you'll rack up the watch time.

Nikke Twitch streamer list - Who has Nikke drops enabled?

The following Nikke streamers have Twitch drops enabled and were live at the time of writing.

To look for more, just check out the Nikke Twitch page and look for any streams with the Drops Enabled tag. The following range from English to Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian.

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When do Nikke Twitch Drops end?

Currently, Nikke Twitch drops are set to be available from February 22, 2023 to March 9, 2023.

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