Avatar Generations reroll guide - All steps and which characters to aim for

Avatar Generations is a team-building mobile game like many others than have come before. By pulling for, training up, and making a team consisting of powerful characters, you'll push through most of the game's challenges with ease. And by following the Avatar Generations reroll guide steps below, you'll get a top-tier character or two right at the start.

Rerolling in a team-building game like this is a normal process that most players who expect to be playing it for a while should at least try out. It can be time-consuming, but the time (and money) it can save in the long-term pays for itself. Literally. It's not cheating, and most games have a system build in to make it easier.

For more on Avatar Generations, check out our in-progress Avatar Generations tier list. It goes hand-in-hand with this guide to get you the best characters possible. And to make this even easier, the latest Avatar Generations codes are worth checking out throughout your time with the game.

How to reroll in Avatar Generations

There is no official reroll mechanic in Avatar Generations, but it's one of the easier games to perform a reroll in. Here's how it works.

Download and launch the game. Be sure to log in as a guest. Skip through every cutscene, clearing the battles along the way. Once you finally have unrestricted access to the main menu, claim the pre-registration and launch rewards from the mailbox in the top-right corner.

After that, grab any rewards you can from the Daily Missions, Achievements, and Events tabs scattered across the screen. If you missed any daily or weekly reward prompts, you'll see these on the left-hand side. Grab those, too.

Clearing the Mountain Passage level in Avatar Generations for a reroll attempt.
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Lastly, tap the Adventure icon in the bottom-right and clear a few missions in the Patrola Mountain - Mountain Passage zone. Once the path forks into three, just travel to each one and you should have 1k Nature Stones to use in your pulls. You don't need to complete the battles.

Exit back to the main menu and enter the Summon menu. Use your tickets to pull 15 times in the Tales of the Four Nations banner. You want to get Aang (Avatar State) from this, and getting Toph as well will invalidate the Strong Start banner, saving you your 1k Nature Stones to use on a future banner or various other things.

If you want Toph, though, feel free to use them in the Strong Start banner. You're guaranteed to get her in the second ten-pull.

Deleting an account for an Avatar Generations reroll.
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If you don't get Aang (Avatar State), it's time to reroll. Tap the four square icon in the top-right corner of the screen and tap the little gear/cog icon just below your account EXP bar. Tap Delete Account and hit OK. Simply start the game again with a fresh Guest account and repeat the initial process until you get Aang (Avatar State) or whichever character you want.

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Once you've got your dream character, go back into the Account menu and select Sign In to bind your guest account to an email address or Apple/Google ID.

And that's it. You'll have either the best characters or your own favourite character without spending a dime. Just play the game as normal from now on.

Who should I reroll for in Avatar Generations?

At launch, you can't go wrong rerolling for Aang (Avatar State) in Avatar Generations. He isn't the most versatile character in the game, but he gets the job done with considerable team-wide damage. With the right relics and support, he'll be a top-tier choice for a long while.

With a 0.15% chance of pulling him, it could take a long time to summon Aang (Avatar State), but the time saved in the long run should make up for it.

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