Monster Hunter Rise Hunter Rank Guide: What Is High Rank? HR Cap Explained

Monster Hunter games are all about High Rank, the moment at which the training wheels come off and you're left to battle tougher monsters for better rewards.

Monster Hunter: Rise is no different, and once you've fought your way through the campaign you'll be greeted with High Rank (HR).

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High Rank Guide

To unlock High Rank, you'll need to take part in Hub Missions. These are the multiplayer-enabled quests that are separate from the story's Village Quests.

While it can be tempting to jump straight in, it's actually worth powering through the Village Quests to unlock Special License Tests.

These will test your hunting skills, but they'll also help you leapfrog some of the more boring Hub Quests.

High Rank Rewards

As you'd imagine, High Rank adds plenty of risk, but it's also a challenge worth taking on.

High Rank makes monsters tougher, but it also means that the parts gathered can offer better quality materials. Put simply, if you want better armour and weapons, you'll want to play High Rank.

HR Cap Explained

Once you hit High Rank, you'll be able to level up to denote just how far you've come.

At launch, Monster Hunter Rise's HR cap is a pretty achievable HR 7, but that's set to change soon.

The game's April update, also known as version 2.0, will add new monsters and will increase that HR cap.

Your rank will increase with each successful hunt, and new quests will be available, too.

This will also allow players to forge layered armour.

Find out more about the upcoming update here.

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