Monster Hunter Rise Weakness Chart

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Knowing the weaknesses of various enemies in Monster Hunter Rise is vital to defeating them, allowing you to exploit vulnerabilities and build gear loadouts designed to do maximum damage. With that in mind, we’ve built a full weakness chart, designed to help you find the weakness of every large creature in the game.

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Weakness Chart for Monster Hunter Rise


Below we’ve laid out a full weakness chart for all the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, with each monster and its biggest weaknesses. Some monsters will have more than one - in that case, seek to do the damage with the biggest number attached, as that will be more effective! For example, if a monster has Ice (3) and Dragon (2), it’s weak to both, but more weak to ice, so you should prioritise that.

We’ve also included the monsters’ resistances and immunities, for completeness’ sake. Don’t fight monsters with these corresponding elements!

Players attack a Mizutsune in Monster hunter Rise. On the Shrine ruins stage.
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List of Monster Weaknesses Monster Weaknesses

AknosomWater (3), Thunder (3), Ice (2)Fire (immune), Dragon (immune)
AlmudronFire (3), Ice (2), Thunder (1)Water (immune), Dragon
AnjanathWater (3), Ice (2), Thunder (1)Fire (immune), Dragon
ArzurosFire (3), Ice (2), Thunder (1)Dragon (immune), Water
BariothFire (3), Thunder (2)Ice (immune), Water, Dragon
BarrothFire (3), Ice (2), Dragon (1)Water (immune), Thunder (immune)
BasariosDragon (3), Water (2), Fire (1), Thunder (1), Ice (1)None
BishatenIce (3), Fire (2)Water (immune), Dragon (immune), Thunder
DiablosIce (3), Water (2), Dragon (2), Thunder (1)Fire (immune)
Goss HaragFire (3), Thunder (2)Water (immune), Ice (immune), Dragon (immune)
Great BaggiFire (3), Thunder (2), Water (2)Ice (immune), Dragon (immune)
Great IzuchiThunder (3), Water (2), Fire (1), Ice (1)Dragon
Great WroggiIce (3), Water (2)Fire (immune), Dragon (immune), Thunder
JyuratodusThunder (3), Fire (1)Water (immune), Ice, Dragon
KhezuFire (3)Thunder (immune), Water, Ice, Dragon
Kulu-Ya-KuWater (3), Fire (2), Thunder (2), Ice (2), Dragon (2)None
LagombiFire (3), Thunder (2)Water (immune), Ice (immune), Dragon (immune)
MagnamaloWater (3), Thunder (2)Fire (immune), Dragon (immune), Ice
MizutsuneThunder (3), Dragon (2), Ice (1)Water (immune), Fire
NargacugaThunder (3), Fire (2), Dragon (1)Water, Ice
Pukei-PukeiNoneWater (immune), Dragon
RajangIce (3), Water (2)Fire (immune), Thunder (immune), Dragon (immune)
Rakna-KadakiIce (3), Water (2)Fire (immune), Thunder (immune), Dragon (immune)
RathalosDragon (3), Thunder (2), Ice (1), Water (1)Fire (immune)
RathianDragon (3), Thunder (2)Fire (immune), Water, Ice
Royal LudrothFire (3), Thunder (2), Ice (1)Water (immune), Dragon
SomnacanthThunder (3), Fire (2)Ice (immune), Dragon (immune), Water (immune)
TetranadonThunder (3), Fire (2), Ice (1)Water (immune), Dragon
Thunder Serpent NarwaDragon (3), Ice (2)Thunder (immune), Water, Fire
TigrexThunder (3), Dragon (2), Water (1)Ice, Fire
Tobi-KadachiWater (3), Fire (2), Ice (1)Thunder (immune), Dragon
VolvidonWater (3), Ice (2), Thunder (1)Dragon (immune), Fire (immune)
Wind Serpent IbushiDragon (3), Fire (2), Water (1)Ice, Thunder
ZinogreIce (3), Water (2), Fire (1)Thunder (immune), Dragon

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