Monster Hunter Rise: How to Equip and Use Palamute Scrolls

January 19, 2023: Monster Hunter Rise hits Xbox and Playstation tomorrow so now's a great time to freshen up on kitting out your palamute!

Monster Hunter Rise introduces a bunch of new features to the series, including Palamutes. They’re dog-like creatures that will assist you out in the field; you can even ride them. Each Palamute has its own set of gear that can be swapped in and out before a mission. One of these gear types is Palamute Scrolls, which essentially allow your buddy to perform contextual attacks and buffs while fighting. In this Palamute Scrolls guide we’ll teach you what Palamute Scrolls are for in Monster Hunter Rise. We’ll take a look at getting more of them, and how to equip them.

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MH Rise: What Are Palamute Scrolls

Palamute Scrolls are special items that can be equipped by Palamutes. They work similarly to spells in other games, ranging from health buffs to luring monsters. Here are a few examples:

  • Healing Scroll - gradually heals Canynes. Its effect lasts for a limited time.
  • Heal Blade Scroll - A scroll activated on attack, healing all in its vicinity. Limited time effect.
  • Diversion Scroll - A scroll with a unique scented salve that lures monsters. Limited time effect.
  • Ghillie Scroll - A scroll with a salve that hides the Palamute’s presence. Limited time effect.
  • Throwarm Scroll - A scroll with an explosive salve for weapons like kunai. Limited time effect.
  • Heavy Strike Scroll - Raises attack and chance to stagger. Its effect lasts for a limited time.
  • Flurry Strike - Raises affinity with each combo hit. Its effect lasts for a limited time.
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  • Blitz Scroll - Raises Palamute's attack speed for a limited time.
  • Rocksteady - Lessens the effect of staggering when hit. Its effect lasts for a limited time.

Scrolls are essentially a way to add extra support types to your Palamute. They’re well worth having, especially if you’re only using Palamutes on a run.

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How to Equip Scrolls to Your Palamute

The easiest way to equip Palamute Scrolls to your buddies is to head to the Buddy Board. Select ‘Palamute Gear’ and trade gear into any slot you like. Available scrolls will be shown in your inventory here.

Showing Palamute Scrolls in the buddy inventory in Monster Hunter Rise
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How to Use Palamute Scrolls

Many Scrolls will activate automatically during battle. Others will require you to issue orders via the buddy menu. Luring and hiding are good example of this, and can be used in place of items like bait.

Unlocking More Scrolls

To unlock more Scrolls you will need to complete requests for Canyne Master Inukai. He’s found near the red bridge in the village. They will also appear in the Rare Finds section of the Argosy from time to time. You can find this in the Buddy Hub area.

Palamute Scrolls can be really useful so give them a go when out in battle. For more battle tips, visit our Monster Hunter Rise Beginners guide. You’ll also need to know how to sheathe your weapon in MH Rise.

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