Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Firecell Stones

Firecell Stones are a valuable crafting material in Monster Hunter Rise, used to forge and upgrade numerous powerful weapons and armour. They’re not easily found though, so we’ve put together this guide on how to get Firecell Stones, if they can be farmed, and all the best uses for them.

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How to Get Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise

You can get Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise by using Mining Outcrops in the Lava Caverns. Once you get there, start tapping every Mining Outcrop you can! Both the blue and white outcrops have a chance to drop them, though the white ones are more likely. Break every outcrop you can find to start getting Firecell Stones.

How to Farm Firecell Stones

If you really want to farm Firecell Stones and start a production line going, there’s a few things you can do.

  • Focus on the lower level of the Lava Caverns. They’re found in both areas, but they’re more common here.
  • Raise your Geologist Skill to level 3, as it’ll increase the output from Mining Outcrops.
  • Check to see if there is a Mining Outcrop Upsurge! If this happens, you have ten minutes to tap the outcrops for a massively increased payout.

Firecell Stone Uses and Recipes

Firecell Stones are a staple of the late-game crafting system, responsible for making and upgrading many of the game’s most powerful weapons and armour. The upgrade list is too long to count, but if you’re looking to forge any of the following pieces of gear, you’ll need Firecell Stones.


  • Brush Glaive
  • Duo Horn
  • Flammenkornett
  • Flammenbeil
  • Prominence Bow
  • Sublime Bell
  • Tigrex Tank

Armour/Buddy Equipment

  • Anjanath Vambraces S
  • Channeller Obi S
  • Channeller Robe S
  • Chrome Metal Coil
  • Chrome Metal Boots
  • Death Stench Brain S
  • Medium’s Obi S
  • Medium’s Robe S
  • Rathalos Helm S
  • Remobra Feet S
  • Remobra Gloves S
  • Tigrex Mail S

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