Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword: Tips, Controls, Combos and Silkbind Attacks

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Monster Hunter Rise offers 14 different weapons to hunt its slate of monsters with. Each has a slightly different playstyle, offering real depth and variety in the ways you approach a hunt. The Great Sword is a massive blade that cleaves in a wide arc with terrifying might, and can even be used to guard in a pinch. The power of a full Charged Slash is also incredibly overwhelming.

To help you get the most out of this weapon we’ve put together this Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword guide. We’ll give you some tips on using the Great Sword, break down those all-important controls you have to master, highlight some choice combos to execute, and walkthrough the new Silkbind attacks available too.


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  • X = Overhead Slash
  • Charge X = Charged Slash
  • (After Charged Slash) → left (d-pad) + Charge X = Strong Charged Slash
  • A = Wide Sweep
  • (After Strong charged Slash) → A = Strong Wide Sweep
  • (After Plunging Thrust) → Charge A = Strong Wide Sweep
  • X + A = Rising Slash
  • (While Charing) → A = Tackle
  • (After Evade) → X = Tackle
  • (After Kick) → X = Tackle
  • After Tackle → A = Leaping Wide Sweep
  • While Midair → ZR = Plunging Thrust
  • ZR = Guard
  • ZR + X = Kick
  • ZL + X = Hunting Edge
  • ZL + A = Power Sheathe


The best way to ensure maximum damage in Monster Hunter Rise is to string together combos. Here are all of the combos associated with the Great Sword.

Plunging Thrust & True Charged Slash Combo

  • (While Unsheathed) ZL + X → ZR → A → Left (on (d-pad) + Charge A

Sheathe & Unsheathe Repeatedly

  • Hold X → ZL + A → Repeat

Basic Charged Slash Combo

  • Hold X → Left (on (d-pad) + Hold X → Left (on (d-pad) + Hold X

Tackle & True Charged Slash Combo

  • X → Left (on (d-pad) + Hold X → A while charging → Left (on (d-pad) + Hold x

Wide Sweep & True Charged Slash Combo

  • X → Left (on (d-pad) + Hold X → A → Left (on (d-pad) + Hold X

True Charged Slash & Power Sheathe Combo

  • Left (on (d-pad) → Hold X → ZL + A


  • One of the big advantages of the Greatsword is that it hits hard as you're unsheathing it. That means you keep it stowed, hit hard, sheathe it again, and keep moving, which helps negate it's otherwise lower mobility (although the Wirebug also helps).
  • It also has a couple of big moves that are ideal for taking chunks of health off of monsters. Charged Slash, for one, is lethal. It's a little slow to get going, so we'd advise making sure the enemy isn't about to sidestep when you start the animation.
  • When the enemy is down, switch to True Charged Slash, which gets more powerful the more you use it. If they're down, you can get a few hits in easily.

Silkbind Attacks

New to Monster Hunter Rise are Silkbind attacks. These will consume Wirebugs, and will deal damage indicated with blue circles. Build these up to tie down monsters and trigger mountable states.

Here are the Silkbind attacks for the Lance:

  • ZL + X = Hunting Edge
  • ZL + A = Power Sheathe
  • ZL + A = Adamant Charged Slash

Now here's a bit more info on how each works:

  • Power Sheathe - Charge for a devastating blow. A quick forwards manoeuvre performed as you sheathe your weapon. Boosts your attack power for a short period of time.
  • Hunting Edge - Split the heavens with a giant blade. A forward leaping attack. After landing a hit, you can follow up with a powerful Charged Slash or Charged Plunging Thrust in mid-air. Try out a variety of Silkbind Attacks!
  • Adamant Charged Slash - Can be switched out with Hunting Edge. A technique using a Wirebug to dash forward, and deliver a Strong Charged Slash. Also allows you to withstand knockdown attacks by hardening your body as you dash forth.

That's all you need to know about this weapon. Visit our Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough to find all of our guides in one handy place. You should also check out our 2021 Roadmap to see what's coming to MH Rise in the future.