Monster Hunter Rise 2022 Roadmap: Schedule, DLC and Free Title Updates

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Monster Hunter Rise has a great year ahead of it in 2022. We've already had two major title updates adding everything from Decorations and new monsters to endings and story content. In this Monster Hunter Rise 2022 Roadmap guide we'll take a look at the DLC coming to the game this year. This includes Capcom Collabs, new DLC and event quests, and more.

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2022 Roadmap: What About Update 4.0?

So far in 2022, Capcom hasn't revealed much about what's coming to Monster Hunter Rise. We have the PC Release coming on January 12, and the Sunbreak expansion that will add significant content when it launches Summer 2022. It will add new monsters, a new location and a whole new story to complete. Master Rank will also launch alongside the expansion, as well as some new amiibo. We'll add more once we hear more news on what's in store.

Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap and Schedule (Free Title Updates)

The main roadmap for Monster Hunter Rise has been revealed. There are four main updates to look forward too, including Capcom tie-ins and new DLC. Here's the key points:

  • Capcom Collab 1 - Mid June 2021
  • DLC and Event Quests - End of June 2021
  • Capcom Collab 2 - End of July 2021
  • Capcom Collab 3 - End of August 2021

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The 2021 Roadmap for Monster Hunter Rise
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Mid June - Monster Hunter Rise 3.1

E3 Update - June 14, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise 3.1 released June 24 and adds multiple new event quests and some paid DLC, along with a new Monster Hunter Stories 2 collaboration event.

The event quests include hunts revolving around Goss Harag, Almudron, and more and reward you with event-exclusive items in return, including new outfit sets.

Monster Hunter Rise 3.1 paid DLC adds a few new outfits plus Rhondine and Kamura shopkeep voices to the mix.

After June 25 when the Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo releases, you can link your save data and get a special Tsukino-inspired layered armor set for Palico companions.

A second round of DLC released on July 9 in conjunction with Monster Hunter Stories 2's release date, though Capcom hasn't announced specifics for that one yet.

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There's also a Monster Hunter Rise E3 trailer showing the new content in more detail:

End of July - DLC and Event Quests

At the end of June new DLC and Event Quests were added to MH Rise. We don't know anything about these yet, though they will likely add new monsters and maybe even new mechanics.

End of July - Capcom Collab 2

The second Capcom Collab is an Okami tie-in, allowing players to pick up the Okami Palamute armour. You can read more about it here.

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Street Fighter Akuma Collaboration Pack - August 27

The Capcom Collab 3 spot added an Akuma Layered Armour Set from Street Fighter. A trailer was released, showing a new hand to hand style of fighting associated with the armour. It looks to be some mix of Sword and Shield, and throwing knives, with certain elements hidden.

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Capcom Collab 4: Mega Man 11

On September 24, Capcom collab pack 4 will drop, adding in a Palamute skin based on Rush the dog. This is styled after their Mega Man 11 appearance, and features certain visual changes. Here's how to unlock Rush.

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What's Been Released So Far?

So far in 2021 we've seen two major updates to Monster Hunter Rise. These have been the Version 2.0 and 3.0 releases. These added Decorations, new endings, new monsters and even new weapons. With the release in May the game has a solid endgame, laying the foundations for future updates. New monsters were gradually added throughout the end of 2021, before collaborations took centre stage. Sonic, Mega Man and Street Fighter were featured. 2022 will feature the launch of MHR on PC platforms.

That's all we know about the 2022 Roadmap for Monster Hunter Rise so far. For a look at the new MH themed amiibo that launched alongside Monster Hunter Stories 2, head here. For a look at what was added in version 3.0, visit our MH Rise May Presentation recap.

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