Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom: Weaknesses, Parts and Tips on Slaying It

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The Aknosom is a seriously formidable foe that’s thrown at you quite early on in Monster Hunter Rise. To beat it you will need to dodge fireballs, and watch out for the frills on its head. Once you know its weaknesses and which parts to target the Aknosom fight gets a lot easier. In this MH Rise Aknosom guide we’ll be detailing some tips on beating the Arkonsom, including info on what its weaknesses and ailments are. We’ll also detail the parts you’ll get while fighting.

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Monster Hunter Rise Weaknesses

Aknosom’s main weakness is water, but it’s not as much of a buff as you might think. In some cases, it’s even better to go in with Thunder, just make sure you don’t go in with fire, as you won’t get any extra damage. In terms of weak parts, aim for the Head, Crest and Wings. The tail is also a good place to aim for. It’s torso and legs are pretty strong, so aim for the head and tail, with some damage directed at the wings. 


In terms of Ailments, the Aknosom has 2-star ratings on Blast and Waterblight. Everything else has little effect. Go in with a blast weapon for maximum effect, or something that inflicts Waterblight to slow it down.

The Hunter Notes screen in Monster Hunter Rise showing the Aknosom


There are some really great materials that you can get from the Aknosom. Here’s what you need to know:

  Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Aknosom Scale24241004370
Aknosom Feather32391003130
Aknosom Beak812705--
Flame Sac2420--21--
Monster Bone M12--------
Aknosom Crest--5100----
Wyvern Tear--------50


  • The Aknosom is extremely fast, and will swoop at you to attack with its beak. Counter moves and Silkbinds are great here.
  • Bring Nulberry to counteract any Fireblight build up
  • Its fire attacks are pretty easy to avoid, just hang back when its parasol flares up, and dodge the incoming projectiles.
  • Sticking close and aiming for the head is key here but because of its speed the Aknosom is really tricky to follow around.
  • Draw the beast to an area with water for an easier fight. You can roll in water to negate fire damage buildup.
  • Consider luring another Large Monster into the fight, like the Great Izuchi. It’s easily mountable and its punisher is really effective here.

Weapons and Armour to Use Against the Aknosom

Given that the Aknosom is weak to water and deals fire damage, any of the following weapons and armour are a good way to go:

  • Weapons - Baggi tree, Thunder tree, Royal Ludroth tree
  • Armour - Izuchi, Rathian, Rathalos, Death StenchThat’s all you need to know about taking down the Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise..

That’s all you need to know about taking down the Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help with the game check out our look at beating the Barroth. Elsewhere there’s our look at all of the different types of Bunny Dango you can eat.