Monster Hunter Rise Barroth: Weaknesses, Parts and Tips on Beating It

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The Barroth is a really tricky enemy to fight at first in Monster Hunter Rise. It will constantly charge at you, stunning you on impact. It’s also surrounded with a hard rocky shell that will blunt weapons and seriously lessen the impact of your hits. Like all monsters however it does have its weaknesses and ailments. In this Monster Hunter Rise Barroth guide we’ll take a look at how to beat the Barroth, what its weaknesses are and what parts you’ll get for hunting it.

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Monster Hunter Rise Barroth Weaknesses

First off let’s talk about the Barroth’s main weaknesses. This is a tricky case because of the mud mechanic that comes into play. Basically, the Barroth will sometimes cover itself in mud, and then will wash it off later on. This changes it’s resistances. Here are the main weaknesses to keep an eye out for:

  • With Mud - weak to water (3 stars), weak to ice (2-stars)
  • No Mud - weak to fire (3-stars), weak to ice (2-stars)

In my experience the Barroth spends more of its time with mud than without it. If you want to play it safe you could always go in with ice so that you’ll do extra damage regardless of the mud. It’s main weak points are the torso, foreleg and tail. The hind legs are also an okay target to aim for. The head is heavily armoured.



The Barroth is susceptible to Poison, Paralysis and Blast. Keep this in mind when preparing for a mission, consider bringing Barrel bombs and Poison Smoke Bombs. Keep in mind that the Barroth can inflict Waterblight, so bring Nulberries with you if you want.

The Hunter Notes menu in Monster Hunter Rise, showing the data for the Barroth

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You can get a variety of parts from defeating the Barroth. Here’s what you’ll get at low level rank. We’ll update this page with high rank rewards when we’ve spent more time with the game. 

  Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carve Dropped Materials
Barroth Shell14121004250
Barroth Ridge2822--3020
Barroth Claw203010020--
Barroth Scalp1013--80--
Barroth Tail812----35
Fertile Mud1011----35
Monster Bone M10------5
Wyvern Tear--------50

Tips For Slaying the Barroth in MH Rise

The Barroth can be a seriously formidable foe if you’re not prepared. Here’s some essential tips for taking it down.

  • Wirebug attacks are great in this fight, as are any counter attacks. The Barroth will charge, giving you a great window to attack.
  • Try to stick close to it, hit it’s underbelly and dodge often
  • Keep Nulberries close, these will cure waterblight
  • Use other large monsters. Try to instigate fights between them, as this will easily put monsters into a mountable state. This is a great way to do loads of damage to the Barroth.
  • The Barroth is fairly slow, use this to your advantage and stay close to it as it flees. You can get in a few easy hits.
  • Weapon sharpness is extremely important here, especially if you’re a blademaster. Keep your weapons sharp.
  • Bombs are extremely effective against the Barroth, visit our guide on aerial bombing
  • When the Barroth shakes and throws mud, get close to it. You have plenty of time to attack

That’s all you need to know about taking down the Barroth. For more help with the game, visit our guide on Weapon Sharpness. Elsewhere, there’s our look at how Kamura Tickets work.