Monster Hunter Rise: How to Use Kamura Tickets

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Kamura Tickets are unlocked after beating Magnamalo for the first time in Monster Hunter Rise. At first you won’t know what to do with the Kamura Tickets, but after progressing a bit further you’ll find they are very useful indeed. In this Monster Hunter Rise Kamura Ticket guide we’ll explain what to do with Kamura Tickets, how to get more of them, and the gear associated with them.

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What to Do With Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

You’ll receive Kamura Tickets for defeating Magnamalo in MH Rise. Fugen the Elder will give them to you, and will tell you that you can give them to the Smithy. At that point, it’s unlikely that that’s true, as you won’t have unlocked any of the armour that Kamura Tickets are used for. Do a couple of the village quests for Fugen and you’ll start to unlock new armour options like the Medium set. These will require tickets to craft and are generally labelled pink in the Forge Armour menu of the Smithy.

An image of the Smithy weapon forging menu in Monster Hunter Rise. The requirements for crafting the Grass Flute weapon are shown.
Weapons can be crafted using Kamura Tickets

How to Get Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Kamura tickets in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to complete requests from Fugen the Elder. He will tell you to assist the residents of the Village, and will give you a handful of tickets upon completion. This is the only way that we’ve found to get them so far.

The forge armour menu in Monster Hunter Rise showing the Medium armour

Kamura Tickets Crafting List

Here is a list of all the armour sets that require Kamura Tickets to forge. We'll outline each piece of gear and how many tickets you'll need to use.


Name Kamura Tickets needed to craft
Medium S Armour2 for each piece
Channeler's S Armour 2 for each piece
Medium Armour2 for each piece
Channeler's Armour2 for each piece
Origami Axe1
Stealth Dango1
Grass Flute1
Kelbi Stingshot1
Ninja Parasol2
Egg Hammer1
Brush Glaive2

There you have it, everything you need to know about Kamura tickets. For more help with the game be sure to check out our page on finding Uroktor Scales. Once you’re done there visit our guide on the Felvine.