Warzone And Modern Warfare Players Unable To Access Operators Tab

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Update 1.31 for Warzone has gone live across all platforms.

The update that released on February 5th provided a fix for the infamous stim glitch alongside giving players the ability to track missions for Season One Operator Stitch.


Ever since the integration of Black Ops Cold War into the battle royale at the beginning of Season One, players have had the choice of over 50 Operators to use as their in-game character.

As a result of the update, many players have experienced a strange bug that stops players from accessing the Operators tab altogether.

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Reddit user “fr0stehsnew” encountered the issue and posted a clip to see if any other players were experiencing the bug. It turns out, there were many.

Great job fixing the operator challenges, now we can't even access the Operators tab

When the player attempts to access the Operators tab, they remain on the Warzone main menu, meaning players are currently unable to change their Operators or see which ones are available.


It’s not just affecting Warzone players. Modern Warfare players are also encountering the issue, much to their annoyance.

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How To Fix Operators Tab

Unfortunately, there are no workarounds to this particular issue, meaning you’ll be unable to switch Operator until Raven Software release a fix.


Since the beginning of Season One, Warzone has seen its fair share of game-breaking bugs and glitches.

With the stim glitch fixed once again, this is the latest bug to impact the game and players are beginning to express their frustrations.

As focus begins to turn to the start of Season Two, the vocal Warzone community are hoping that these issues can be addressed before it begins at the end of February.

While the developers work on a fix for this inconvenient glitch, there is still plenty of fun to be had on Warzone thanks to the additions of Armored Royale to Verdansk and Resurgence Trios for Rebirth Island.