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Black Ops Cold War And Warzone: 22nd April – Playlist Update, Latest Patch Notes And New Content


A new playlist update and content drop is arriving this Thursday, 22nd April 2021 for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. 


Treyarch regularly updates what's on offers to avoid stale experiences for their fans.

With Season 2's mid-season update dropping last week, we were introduced to a new flurry of content; but that doesn't mean it'll be several weeks before anything new arrives!

So what can players expect this week?

Here's what's new in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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When Is The Black Ops Cold War And Warzone Weekly Update?

Weekly updates occur every Thursday at 6PM GMT.

Black Ops Cold War And Warzone Weekly Update - 15th April

Patch Notes

  • Triple-Double XP Weekend is live from the 16th-19th April

Black Ops Cold War Playlist Updates

New Playlists

  • Blueprint Gun Game

New Content & Store Update

Corpse Collector Bundle

The bundle includes three Legendary items: the Beck Operator Skin “Carnage,” the “Ultimate Hunter” Weapon Blueprint, and the head-crunching “Plague Hound” Finishing Move.

Also in the bundle are the Epic “Doom Hammer” melee weapon, the “Skull Vertebrae” Weapon Charm, the “Inspired by Death” Sticker, the “Gentle Push” Calling Card, and the “Doom Sayer” Emblem.


Stitch Sentinel Bundle

This nine-item bundle features two Weapon Blueprints: the “Overrun” SMG Blueprint and “Cottontail” Sniper Rifle Blueprint.

Aside from a new Stitch Operator Skin, Animated Calling Card, and Animated Emblem, the bundle also includes the “Rearranged Thoughts” Finishing Move, “Carbon Oni” Charm, and “Oni” Reticle.

You can see what's currently going on in Cold War and Warzone based on last week's update below:

Cold War Patch Notes

  • 2XP Weekend starting 8th April
  • New ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle Added
  • Gunsmith Customs Added
  • New Operator Rivas Added

Black Ops Cold War Playlist Updates

New Playlists

  • Gunfight Tournaments (New Mode)
  • Gunfight Blueprints (New Mode)

Featured Playlists

  • Outbreak
  • Firebase Z
  • Die Maschine
  • Dead Ops Arcade: First Person
  • Dead Ops Arcade
  • Onslaught (PS4/PS5)
  • Onslaught Apocalypse (PS4/PS5)
  • Onslaught Nuketown (PS4/PS5)

Warzone Patch Notes

A new update was pushed on Tuesday to address the AUG and FFAR.

Check out the patch notes here.

Warzone Playlist Updates

Here's what we added last week

Here's last week's playlist update:


  • Verdansk – King Slayer
  • Plunder – Trios


  • Plunder – Blood Money Quads
  • Rebirth Island – Resurgence Quads
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