Warzone Season 5: How To Open Bunker 1 In Warzone

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If you've been exploring Verdansk recently in Warzone's Season 5, you may have noticed new features and changes to existing structures.

Bunker 1 has been around since the game went live in March but has only just become accessible.


Here's how to open Bunker 1 in Warzone.

Update: Bunker 1 In Verdansk '84

With the launch of a brand-new map, all of the bunkers are currently locked, meaning the code below is how to open up to bunker that appeared in modern-day Verdansk.

It is unclear as to when the bunkers will be able to be unlocked but as soon as they are, be sure to check back for the latest information.


You can find out how to open Bunker 1 in modern-day Verdansk below.

How To Open Bunker 1 In Warzone

To access Bunker 1 in Warzone you need to:

  • Head to B7 on the Warzone map
  • The bunker is located to the south-west of Boneyard and north of the Go-Kart Track
  • Enter the code 97264138

This was discovered as part of the Black Ops Cold War reveal easter egg.

The code was first discovered on the website pawntakespawn.com during the 1977-1978 videotape.

Inside is four legendary loot crates, killstreaks, field equipment and plenty of Black Ops Cold War clues.

Opening up the new bunker for Day 4 of #COD2020 teasers more ciphers and the other half of the RC-XD is found within! Shoutout to the friendly people also searching :D pic.twitter.com/4ZyEX65eFk
— Ryan B. (@PrestigeIsKey)
August 17, 2020

This is an extremely strong place to drop off the start, so it's worth investigating but be wary it will be a popular spot.


The Black Ops Cold War reveal will happen on the 26th August 2020 inside of Verdansk!