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Warzone Season 5: How To Open The Warzone Barn Room In Farmland


If you've been exploring Verdansk recently in Warzone's Season 5, you may have noticed new features and changes to existing structures.


A room, in one of the barns at Farmland, has been found and will allow players to enter with the correct key code.

Here's how to open the secret Barn room in Farmland.

How To Open The Warzone Barn Room In Farmland

To access the Warzone Prison Shack you need to:

  • Head to H6 on the Warzone map
  • The barn is almost directly East of the Monument Roundabout in Downtown and located in the biggest barn
  • Enter the code 72948531

This was discovered as part of the Black Ops Cold War reveal easter egg.

The code was first discovered on the website during the 1961-1962 videotape.

Inside is UAV and plenty of Black Ops Cold War clues.

Footage of the new keypad location for Day 3 (little shack by the prison) We've had access to this one before then it was locked off after a couple days. Most likely an accident :)

— Ryan B. (@PrestigeIsKey)

August 16, 2020

If you happen to be passing by the area, we recommend opening it to collect some free loot. But it's probably not worth going out of your way to see it unless you're interested in what's inside.

The Black Ops Cold War reveal will happen on the 26th August 2020 inside of Verdansk!

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