New Warzone Glitch Rewards Players With Win Before Landing

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Although Warzone has been undergoing a flurry of updates in recent weeks. Including the banning of over 60,000 accounts for cheating, it appears the bugs continue to pile on.

While Infinity Ward is solving the sixth iteration of the Stim glitch now.


A brand new bug has appeared that is one of the worst in quite some time.

Some players are being awarded Warzone wins before they even land off of the plane! 

Here's what's going on. 




This glitch first rose to popularity over on Reddit, where user u/gencaykurtt posted the following clip.

The clip shows them jumping off of the plane, and around five seconds later being awarded a win within the game.

This is one of the worst bugs we have seen in Warzone, as their feet do not even touch the ground and they have somehow won the game? 


Check it out for yourself below! 

What is this sorcery ?

As of now, we do not know what could be causing this massive bug; but it seems to be one of the worst glitches we have seen since Warzone release.


We can assume this bug will be patched immediately, but will keep you updated as we hear more news in the coming days!