Modern Warfare: Talsik Backlot Map Guide - Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay

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Modern Warfare Season 3 has arrived and it's bringing a Modern Warfare classic back to the reboot.

Talsik Backlot is a reimaging of the COD4 map 'Backlot', which has been adopted for the new game (complete with usable doors).

The map is a fan favourite and features a lot of up close-quarter combat. While running and gunning may be the way to role in this map, there are plenty of spots, tips and tricks to benefit everyone.

Here's our Backlot map guide.


Map Overview


Objective Locations



Hardpoint order:

  1. Middle
  2. Laundromat
  3. Taxi Building
  4. Construction
  5. Destroyed Building
  6. Garages
  7. Middle Building


Search & Destroy


Cyber Attack

Map Hotspots

Construction Site

Backlot Modern Warfare best spots

The construction site is frequently filled with plenty of action to get stuck into. With several corners to hide in on both floors, it makes it a haven for campers and close-quarters weaponry.


With the right loadout, it is certainly possible to earn high killstreaks just from this area of the map alone but it is important to be very aware of the mounted machine gun that overlooks the middle of the map which is often occupied by someone looking to take you out.


If you run Double Time and an SMG you can usually beat your opponents to control this game-changing building. Be aware that if you spawn on the garage side, there will be doors blocking your view into the building.

It is also very important to be aware of any proximity mines or claymores when entering this particular area of the map so equip Spotter to see any equipment placed by the doorways.


Backlot Map Guide

The garage is an area where you and your team can easily lock in a spawn trap and score stupidly high numbers of kills. 


With so many different places to hide in around the area, it is almost impossible to break out this trap when locked in.

The staircase that overlooks the area is a great place to sit in this area, just be aware of anyone sneaking up behind you for a cheeky finishing move!

Middle Building

Backlot Map Guide

There are several ways to access this building so it's extremely important to be aware of where your opposition can come from if you are overlooking the map from the first floor.


If you run along the wall and onto the wooden balcony, you can get up the ladder and onto the roof where you have an excellent view of the vast majority of the map but you are heavily exposed, making you a huge target for the entire enemy team.

The car in the garage is a good piece of cover if you're trying to stop enemies advancing inside the building but a well-timed grenade can easily eliminate you so make sure you have a trophy system near the entrance to prevent that from happening.


How to Play

Spawn Trap

As mentioned earlier, trapping the opposition inside the garage area of the map is simple to do and allows you to score plenty of kills.

With this tactic, you can even place claymores and proxy mines next to the cars to give them no chance of escaping the trap.

It is very important to be aware of the spawns. If just one enemy spawns in another location, you must react quickly to stop the trap from falling apart.


Control the Map

Aggressive play doesn't always pay off given the number of angles that overlook the map. More often than not, controlling your half of the map is the key to success.

Arm yourself with an Assault Rifle to deal plenty of damage at longer distances and with a wealth of positions to overlook the open streets, it is easy to pick the more aggressive enemies trying to hunt for kills.

Sub-Machine Slayer

If sitting in a building isn't your thing and you fancy something with a bit more speed and aggression then this way to play Backlot is for you.

Select an SMG of your choice and sprint around the alleyways, picking up several kills in the process.

Use the superior mobility to burst through the doors and clear out anyone that could be watching you enter a building. 

Recommended Classes