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Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War is reaching the half-way stage as the mid-season update is arriving this week!

Originally delayed by a week, Season 1 was a solid start, but there's been limited content since.

Black Ops Cold War is getting seasonal updates, much like Modern Warfare, meaning it should share many of the same features.

The "biggest" Black Ops year began just a few weeks before Christmas and players on five different platforms can all engage together as a flurry of new content drops into the mix.

Featuring new experiences, cosmetics, weapons, maps and more, this could be a huge boost for those that may not quite be vibing with thew new Call of Duty just yet.

If you've found you've tried all of the weapons available, don't panic, new ones are also dropping in this new update.

There's something for everyone, as new updates are being pushed to both Zombies and Warzone too!

So what's in store for you? Here's everything we know about Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War.

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Latest News

Clown Bundle Finishing Move - 11th January

LEAKED Clown Bundle Finishing Move The one posted the other day was just showcasing the skin with a finishing move.Follow
— Call of Duty Leaks (@ColdWarLeakz)
January 9, 2021

Cranked Gameplay - 10th January

DeclassifiedCOD has posted some leaked gameplay of the new Cranked zombies game mode.

Dropkick Mode Gameplay - 8th January 2021

@DeclassifiedCOD has uploaded gameplay of the Dropkick mode.

New Sanatorium Map Images - 8th January 2021

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Photos via @DeclassifiedCOD



Photos via @DeclassifiedCOD



Photos via @DeclassifiedCOD


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Photos via @DeclassifiedCOD


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Photos via @DeclassifiedCOD


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Photos via @DeclassifiedCOD

Release Date

The Mid-Season update is due on the 14th January 2021.

Season 1 launched on the 16th December 2020.

It was originally slated to start on the 10th December - but was delayed for a week.

Release Time

The update should begin at:

  • 11 PM PT (Dec 15)
  • 1 AM CT (Dec 16)
  • 2 AM ET (Dec 16)
  • 7 AM GMT (Dec 16)
  • 8 AM CET (Dec 16)

Mid-Season Update

The Mid-Season update is coming on the 14th January 2021.

Get ready to drop into the next Fireteam map 'Sanatorium'.

Multiplayer is also getting a new 6v6 mode called 'Dropkick'.

Fight for control of the nuclear codes, locked in a briefcase. The round begins with each team racing to the location and attempting to claim it for themselves.

Those grabbing it will be equipped with a powerful pistol. If your teammates die while holding the briefcase, they will not respawn until the carrier is dead.

The first to 200 points wins.

Zombies are getting a new mode called 'Cranked'.

Every zombie kill you get resets the timer counting down to your demise.

In Onslaught, Raid joins the map list along with new Dark Aether intel for Zombies fans on PlayStation.

We're also expecting some quality of life fixes and weapon balancing to take place.

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A trap has been set. A CIA safehouse has been hit. And an old enemy returns to get his revenge.

After storming an experimental Nova 6 production site on Rebirth Island, Russel Adler has made a powerful enemy in Vikhor "Stitch" Kuzmin, the ex-KGB leader of the Nova 6 program. And Stitch is looking to settle the score.

Now, Adler and his CIA strike team find themselves trapped, and surrounded by enough Nova 6 nerve gas to throw the world off its axis.

Patch Notes

Patch notes are yet to be released, but a pre-season update is being released on the 8th December 2020 to set players up for the new update.

This update could involve the following changes:

  • Double XP Weekend
  • New Bundles
  • M82 Buff
  • M16 & AUG Nerf

Read all about it here.

Season 1 Road Map

Here's what the Season 1 Road Map looks like.

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All new DLC content will be free to players on all platforms.

However, if you wish to buy the battle pass, it will likely cost 1000 COD Points.

Christmas Nuketown 1984

Nuketown 1984 Holiday is a Christmas version of the map.

You can read all about what Nuketown has to offer, including screenshots, right here.

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What's Included In Season 1?

As was the theme last year, we're expecting a variety of new content throughout the season.

In the roadmap it has been confirmed that the following will be added:

  • Multiplayer maps and modes
  • 2v2 Gunfight Returns
  • New weapons
  • New zombies modes
  • Rebirth Island Warzone map
  • New Warzone modes
  • Much more

The most important feature is the Battle Pass. This will give players access to new cosmetics to sport in the game for your guns, Operators, vehicles and much more.

With each new season, a patch also drops that massively tinkers with the gameplay as a whole. You can expect weapon adjustments and bug fixes to improve the quality of life.

A new vehicle will also be added called the 'Tactical Raft'.


The new weapons are going to include the following: 

  • MAC-10 (unlocked at Tier 15 in the Battle Pass)
  • Groza assault rifle (unlocked at Tier 30 in the Battle Pass)
  • Streetsweeper shotgun (released later in the season)
  • Sledgehammer melee (released later in the season)
  • Wakizashi melee (released later in the season)
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Photos via @TailsDoll711

According to @TheGhostOfMW2, the following weapons will arrive post-launch:

  • Scorpion
  • CZ75
  • Dragunov
  • FAL
  • Striker
  • OTS-14

@TailsDoll711 has also posted an image for a Deployable Cover icon that has either been cut or could be a future item.

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Photo via @TailsDoll711


The new maps are called The Pines, Raid and Christmas Nuketown.

It appears that the rumoured maps Dune and Apocolypse will be coming at a later date as they are not listed on the Road Map.

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The Pines (Mall)

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CODColdWarNewz has posted a tweet noting someone encountered a bug when loading into a Combined Arms Domination match and spotted a new map.

Perhaps this will be coming soon!

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New Cosmetics

@TailsDoll711 has leaked a bunch of cosmetics ahead of the new season.

These will feature in the Battle Pass, as well as some being exclusive to the store and others available in the Prestige Shop.

You can see everything on offer here.

Battle Pass

The new season will bring a new Battle Pass that players can take advantage of no matter which game they play.

From this point onward, playing in any of the three games counts towards player and Battle Pass progressions.

As detailed before, the new Battle Pass will cost 1000 COD points and bring over 100 tiers of content.

This will include cosmetics such as Operator skins, weapon charms, weapon skins, XP tokens, watch designs, calling cards and much more.

Not to forget, the Battle Pass also includes a featured Operator and a new weapon.

There will also be 1,300 COD Points to get back from the pass.

You can likely pay a bit extra for the Battle Pass Bundle that will bring 20 tier skips for 2,400CP.

Ultimately, if you choose not to spend any money on the Battle Pass, you will still get access to some free items.

@TailsDoll711 has leaked the Battle Pass Season 1 icon:

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It's been confirmed that all progression in Modern Warfare, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will count towards your seasonal levels and prestige.

So no matter what game you play, you won't lose out.

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Here's a look at what you will get in the new Battle Pass:

  • Tier 0
    • New Operator – Stitch
    • Adler Operator Skin and Mission
    • Silver Flash Watch
    • Seasonal XP Boost
  •  Tier 10
    • “Raider” Beck Skin
  • Tier 15
    • Mac-10 SMG
  • Tier 19
    • “Pain in the Neck” Finishing Move
  • Tier 31
    • Groza Assault Rifle
  • Tier 81
    • “Arid Constrictor” Assault Rifle Blueprint FREE
  • Tier 85
    • “Constable” Tactical Rifle
  • Tier 90
    • “Base Jumper” Adler Skin
  • Tier 95
    • “Gallantry” SMG Blueprint
  • Tier 100
    • “Prisoner” Stitch Skin and Operator Mission
    • “Natural Order” Assault Rifle Blueprint
    • “Assault” Vehicle Skins
    • Season One Emblem


We've had two free bundles confirmed including the “Field Research” Bundle and “Certified” Bundle.

These are rewarded for simply logging in between 10AM PT Dec. 8 and 11PM PT Dec. 15.

Field Research

  • 1 Epic Operator Skin (Park)
  • 1 Epic SMG Weapon Blueprint
  • 1 Epic Reticle
  • 1 Epic Calling Card
  • 1 Rare Weapon Charm


  • 1 Epic Operator Skin (Garcia)
  • 1 Rare Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint
  • 1 Epic Reticle
  • 1 Epic Weapon Charm

Here are some other bundles coming during the season...

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Photos via @TailsDoll711


All content is universal, meaning what is unlocked in the Black Ops Cold War Battle Pass will be available in Warzone.

In this new update, there will be over 30 Black Ops Cold War base weapons and Blueprint variants added to the game.

New Map - Rebirth Island

An illicit Soviet base raided and shut down by the CIA in 1968, during which Operator Russell Adler caught and forcefully interrogated the base commander Vikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin.

The facility was rebuilt and recommissioned by Stitch in 1984 with one purpose: the creation and testing of the deadly Nova 6 gas.

The new map is essentially a remake of the Alcatraz Blackout map from Black Ops 4.

New Gulag!

Players will also get a new Gulag experience!

The design is a makeshift replica of the original Nuketown map layout with both home interiors and backyard barricaded off, focusing the duel to a confined central arena.

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But wait, there's more!

There's a second Gulag coming Warzone as part of the Rebirth Island map.

expand image

Rebirth Island’s Prison Block, prisoners are dragged to an ominous new arena during traditional Battle Royale modes.

Certain inmates were experimented on as part of Perseus’ plot to turn the tide of the Cold War in this new location.

This new Gulag is centred around the chamber in question, with prisoners of Warzone starting on the end of one of two hallways that run parallel to the centre room.

Although these pathways offer a quick route across the floor, both of them have a metal detector that will go off whenever an Operator passes through, adding an additional element of strategy to this intense duel for survival. 

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Photo via @TailsDoll711

Resurgence - New Mode

This new mode is exclusive to Rebirth Island and focuses on respawning and frantic action.

There is no Gulag, but as long as your team are alive, you will respawn.

Once you get a kill, you'll be given some intel on where the rest of the team is so you can finish them off.

New Vehicle - Attack Helicopter

Let it rain on your enemies with the new Attack Helicopter vehicle.

Operating like the regular heli, this now has a belt-fed minigun mounted on both of the helicopter’s side rails.

This is not a killstreak but an operational vehicle on the map.

Verdansk Replaced?

Rumours about an entirely new map, overhauling Verdansk, have been circulating for a while; but is it true?

If there is a new map, rumours are stating that this may not happen until Q2 in 2021.

This makes sense as Activision will no doubt want to keep the focus on their new game and encourage more sales.

Not to mention that Warzone only released back in March 2020.

You'll also receive a few rewards such as emblems and calling cards.

Warzone Combat Pack

It looks like a Warzone Combat Pack is being introduced, which could potentially be a PlayStation exclusive.

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It appears we are also getting some new scorestreaks with the release of Season 1.

The H.A.R.P scorestreak will be added in the next update. It is a high-flying stealth aircraft (or High-Altitude Reconnaissance Plane) shows both enemy positions and their directions on the mini-map, giving you a key advantage during the end-game moments of a Multiplayer match.

If you're familiar with the Orbital VSAT or Blackbird from past Black Ops games, it works exactly the same as that.

CODColdWarNewz has posted on Twitter some clips and images of a leaked 'K9' scorestreak.

This has been a scorestreak in the past and appears to be arriving at a later date.

K-9 UNIT Audio file👀🔊Sound up! #BlackOpsColdWar@WarzoneNewz 🔥
— Call of Duty Leaks (@WarzoneNewz) (@CODColdWarNewz)
November 21, 2020
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Two new perks seem to be coming to Black Ops Cold War!

The first perk appears to be an equivalent to 'Quick Fix' in Modern Warfare. This perk removes the user's health regeneration delay each time they score a kill and doubles health regeneration rate whenever the user is carrying, capturing, or holding an objective.

The second perk is lightweight, which increases your movement speed by 7%.

Whether these new perks will be added in Season 1 is unknown - we expect them to arrive a bit later as it seems too early to add new perks in already.


A new Operator will arrive in the next season called 'Stitch'.

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In the teasers, building up to his reveal, some information was brought to light about him.

expand image
expand image

You can see his alternate skins here:


expand image
expand image


expand image
expand image

Photos via @Cheezburgerboys

We're also getting two other Operators at some point later in the season called "Bulldozer" and "Zeyna".

It's expected these will be available in the store as part of bundles.

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@BKT00R has also shared profiles for these Operators.

One that hasn't been mentioned is the CDL operator.


Gunfight has been confirmed to be returning in Black Ops Cold War despite there being no talk about it in the build-up to launch.

Four new maps are set to be added with the new mode including Game Show, ICBM, KGB and U-Bahn.

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Game Show

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There's a new map coming to the Fireteam mode called Sanatorium!

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Unfortunately, there is no new Zombies map in Season 1 - but there's plenty to get excited about.

Die Maschine has been praised by the community as a whole, even though the main Easter Egg was solved in just three hours.

So what's next for Zombies? It appears a new map is not in the works.

The update will feature new modes and features for Zombies fans including holiday-themed zombies experience and a new mode inspired by Modern Warfare’s “cranked” mode.

New features include:

  • Jingle Hells holiday LTM
  • Battle Pass weapons
  • Daily Challenges
  • Season Challenges
  • New Calling Cards
  • 2-player splitscreen
  • Cruise Missile Support
  • Holiday Onslaught
  • 2 Onslaught maps
  • Cranked LTM (mid-season) 

Jingle Hells

This limited-time holiday mode turns “Die Maschine” into more of a winter wasteland than a wonderland, and there’s plenty of cheer to keep you in the yuletide mood. Aside from the new holiday decorations, expect a variety of festive firepower to augment your offensive capabilities including snowballs that can freeze zombies, stocking power-ups, presents you can extract from frozen foes, and special surprises waiting inside the snowmen.

Cranked (In Season)

A limited-time mode both literally and figuratively! Keep one eye on the countdown timer, and the other on your zombie-killing: spend too long without an undead takedown and you’ll explode! There’s no time to lose as your survival depends on frantic, terror-filled takedowns where the only respite is the Cranked power-up, granting a brief breather before the carnage continues.

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New Message of the Day Images suggests we'll see Christmas themed Zombies modes...

Photo via @TailsDoll711

Perhaps we'll see the return of the 'Turned' mode, which allows players to play as Zombies.

There's also 'Grief' which is a 4v4 Last Man Standing mode.

We'll also get Zombies Crystals to purchase tier 4 and 5 upgrades.


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Photos via @TailsDoll711

We're also expecting new perks at some stage including:

  • Double Tap - Increased rate of fire
  • Mule Kick - Allows the player to carry three weapons 
  • PHD Flopper - Negates all fall damage and the player creates an explosion when falling instead 
  • Tombstone - When downed, you will drop a tombstone icon. When you respawn next round, grab the tombstone icon to regain all weapons and perks

The jingle audio files for these perks were discovered recently and can be heard here.


It's highly unlikely any new content will be added to the Campaign as this wasn't done through the entirety of Modern Warfare.

However, it wouldn't be out of the question for Treyarch to break the mould.

The Campaign has had a wonderful reception, with the only complaint being that it is too short.

With side missions featuring in this mode, perhaps a few more will be added into it?

Game Modes


Two teams are vying for control of a special and extremely important briefcase.

The round begins with each team racing to the location of the nuclear briefcase and attempting to pick it up.

Once picked up, the carrier wields a powerful pistol, tasked withholding it for as long as possible.

Players will not respawn until the carrier has been eliminated.

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Prop Hunt

As the first mode introduced in the new season, Prop Hunt is a casual take on Call of Duty action.

Players are tasked with disguising themselves as props and hiding from the hunters.

Props will automatically whistle every 20 seconds, making it difficult to hide in plain sight.

Combined Arms: Hardpoint

The king-of-the-hill game mode just got more hectic with 12 players on each team!

Miami also joins the playlist.

Nuketown 24/7

Don't be surprised to see a Nuketown 1984 24/7 playlist to take advantage of any double XP events that coincide with the new season.


There will be four new prestige levels added to the game for people to claim and work through, all with unique emblems.

expand image

From this point onward, playing in any of the three games counts towards player and Battle Pass progressions.

Meaning, you can play Black Ops Cold War, Warzone or Modern Warfare and increase your seasonal levels and prestige in Black Ops Cold War.

This season offers four additional Prestiges to achieve across the first 200 levels, as well as a new Weapon Blueprint, as follows:

  • Level 50: New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, Weapon Blueprint, and Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 100: New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, and Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 150: New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, and Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 200: New Prestige, Emblem, Prestige Key, Battle Pass Tier Skip, Master Prestige Calling Card, and all Season Challenges unlocked
  • Level 250-1,000: New Prestige Key every 50 levels
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