Black Ops Cold War Zombies Christmas Event: Date, Time, Bonuses And Everything You Need To Know

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As the hype surrounding the first season of post-launch content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War begins to build, Black Ops developer Treyarch has been relatively silent on its plans for Zombies in Season One.

The fifth chapter of the Black Ops series marks a new era for Call of Duty Zombies as a brand-new storyline set to uncover a range of secrets gets underway.


Players were quick to conquer the complex Easter Egg in Die Maschine and discover all the secrets that it had to offer.

With everything discovered, players quickly switched focus to how long they could survive the endless waves of the undead, with some managing to make it into the hundreds.

With the new Season starting on December 16th and Christmas just around the corner, Die Maschine could be getting a seasonal makeover.

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Die Maschine Christmas Event

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Christmas Event

The festive cheer has spread to DieMaschine


According to notorious Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevoultion, a Christmas event is coming to Die Maschine.

In his December 8th upload, TGR reveals that the Christmas lights found all over the map are likely to be switched on to add some festive cheer to the derelict facility.

Jingle Hells Game Mode

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Jingle Hells

That's not Rudolph...

After audio files from the mode were discovered, Activision and Treyarch confirmed that the limited-time Christmas mode is called Jingle Hells and will feature Zombies wearing Santa hats along with the Plague Hounds equipping antlers and Rudolph's infamous red nose.

Alongside some festive addtions to the enemies, players will have the chance to use festive weaponry including snowballs which can be used to freeze zombies if they get too close for comfort.


The blog post also detailed "special surprises" can be found hidden inside the snowmen. What could they be? We will have to wait until December 16th to find out!

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Christmas Themed Zombies

@xXNanikosXx has shared Christmas variants of the zombies



You can also hear new voice lines, horn sounds and round music...

Zombies!: new voicelines, horn sounds, and round music!
— The CheeseBurger Boys (@Cheezburgerboys)
December 8, 2020

Christmas Event Release Date

Activsion and Treyarch have confirmed that the Jingle Hells and Holiday Onslaught game modes will be released when Season One goes live on December 16th.