Mobile Legends Valentina Build for 2022

Artwork featuring Valentina from Mobile Legends

Our Mobile Legends Valentina build will have you sneaking into the upper ranks of competitive play in no time. Being a Mage, Valentina can be difficult for greedy or hesitant players to master, but if you put in the effort, you'll reap the rewards.

With this Mobile Legends Valentina build, not only will deal huge bursts of magical damage, but you'll open up ways to use the enemy team's ultimates against them. Given she's able to glean additional EXP and health from weaker foes, she's well-placed to snowball a match. You just need to be brave enough to push without getting pushed back.

Keep reading to find out more about Valentina and how you can master the hero in Mobile Legends. Apart from that, you can also try out our curated guides for other heroes like Ruby, Alucard, or even Edith. We also keep a Mobile Legends codes guide and a Mobile Legends tier list to help you along.

The Best Mobile Legends Valentina Build

Ability Priority
Shadow Strike -> Arcane Shade
Arcane Shade -> Shadow Strike
Magic Shoes
Arcane Boots
First Item
Enchanted Talismas
Clock of Destiny
Item Build
Magic Shoes, Enchanted Talisman, Clock of Destiny, Concentrated Energy, Lightning Truncheon, Blood Wings
Arcane Boots, Clock of Destiny, Concentrated Energy, Divine GlaiveHoly Crystal, Immortality

Valentina is definitely one of the scariest Mage heroes available in Mobile Legends. She's even more effective when allowed to snowball a game after stomping the mid-lane. Use that power to gank other lanes and you'll have a potent Mage carry on your hands.

The table above should give you all the at-a-glance information you need to take this Mobile Legends Valentina build into battle. If you're still confused about Valentina's build and playstyle, simply scroll down for a detailed Mobile Legends Valentina build guide on everything you need to know to burn down the competition.

Valentina's character art in Mobile Legends
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Mobile Legends Valentina Abilities

Valentina is equipped with a total of three active abilities and one passive ability. While all of her active abilities are low cooldown—and thus potent—it's Valentina’s passive and ultimate ability that will threaten to upset the match.

Like most Mages, Valentina's abilities can take a fair bit of time to understand and execute to perfection. If you're inexperienced, spend some time in a custom room to figure out her strengths, weakness, and ability flow. Given that Valentina is still a fairly new hero Mobile Legends hero, you can expect to run into various opponents who aren’t familiar with her toolkit. Speaking of which, let's take a look at it.

Passive Ability – Primal Force

Primal Force grants Valentina bonus EXP whenever she deals damage to an enemy hero. Additionally, the passive ability also grants bonus health to Valentina if the enemy hero she deals damage to is either equal to or lower than her in-game EXP level.

Primal Force features a cooldown of two seconds and scales every time Valentina levels up. It isn't hard to imagine why this passive is among the best in the game right now. It's tricky to understand in practice, but it helps her snowball like no other. Prey on the weak.

First Ability – Shadow Strike

Valentina uses Shadow Strike to launch a fan-shaped wave in a designated direction. Any enemies caught within are subjected to heavy magic damage and a debilitating slow.

Additionally, Shadow Strike also applies a mark for four seconds on every enemy it touches. Enemies who are struck by Shadow Strike again while the mark is active get terrified for a short duration—that's a fancy way to say the player loses complete control of their character for a time.

Second Ability – Arcane Shade

Arcane Shade allows Valentina to dash forward in a specific direction while firing three bolts at nearby enemies. Additionally, Valentina can cast Arcane Shade again within six seconds of the original before it goes on cooldown.

Every time a bolt hits an enemy hero or creep, the cooldown is reduced by one second for each bolt that lands. This means that every time Valentina casts Arcane Shade in a team fight, Shadow Strike’s cooldown gets reduced by three seconds. If you can dance around the team, you'll be firing these off like they're nothing. Just keep an eye on your mana.

Ultimate Ability – I Am You

Casting I Am You allows Valentina to siphon some power of a specific enemy and apply a movement slow debuff on them. The siphoned-off power grants Valentina the ability to cast the respective enemy’s ultimate within the next 20 seconds.

As soon as Valentina casts her enemy’s ultimate ability, she morphs into the enemy’s form and also inherits their basic attack. In case the hero morphs into an enemy who is a physical damage hero, Valentina will receive bonus physical damage for the entire duration for which she remains morphed.

Artwork featuring Valentina in Mobile Legends
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Mobile Legends Valentina Ability Progression

Apart from obviously taking a point in your ultimate at levels four, eight, and 12 respectively, this Mobile Legends Valentina build requires maxing out her first ability with as few points put into her second ability as possible. This ensures that Shadow Strike has an extremely low cooldown and can be cast multiple times during ganks and team fights.

The only situation where you should consider leveling up Arcane Shade before Shadow Strike is when you are playing from behind and need to use the dash to escape from unfavorable engagements.

Mobile Legends Valentina Emblem

Given that Valentina is a mage category hero in Mobile Legends, the ideal emblem for the hero is definitely Mage. However, new players who might not have unlocked too many levels for Mage can also use the Magic emblem with the Magic Power Surge talent.

Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you use the Mage emblem with either the Magic Worship talent or the Impure Rage talent for optimal performance in the game.

Mobile Legends Valentina Spells

Ideal for purging off all debuffs and also gaining “control immunity” for a short duration.
Highly effective for knocking-back enemies who try to chase Valentina during an adverse engagement.
Be it to catch an escaping enemy or to flee from an unfavorable gank, Flicker is definitely one of the best and most dependable spells for Valentina
The ability to teleport to an allied unit is something that can change the entire outcome of a team fight making it extremely useful for Valentina in every game

Considering Valentina is a fairly squishy hero, she tends to rely heavily on her battle spell to survive or escape from unfavorable matchups. Above, you'll see a semi-detailed look at the best spells for Valentina in Moible Legends. Though Flicker tends to be a fantastic option for any character, a few others stand out as well.

Mobile Legends Valentina Item Build

Magic Shoes
Cooldown Reduction
Arcane Boots
Magic Penetration
Enchanted Talisman
Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction
Clock of Destiny
Magic Power, Health and Mana
Divine Glaive
Magic Penetration
Holy Crystal
Magic Power
Lightning Truncheon
Cooldown Reduction and bonus Magic damage
Blood Wings
Magic Power
Magic Defense and Resurrection ability

Considering that Mobile Legends is a MOBA, there is no fixed item path for any hero in the game. Just like a match is fluid, so too should be your item picks. Nevertheless, there are a few items that are bound to help the hero in almost every situation. We've listed them above as part of this Mobile Legends Valentina build.

Gameplay Tips for Valentina

Being a burst-damage dealing mage in Mobile Legends, Valentina enjoys farming for resources and out-leveling her enemies with her passive ability in the mid-lane. When played to her full potential, the hero is capable of snowballing games single-handedly with an optimal start in the laning stage.

Nevertheless, Valentina is one of the difficult-to-master mages in the game and can require a fair bit of practice to understand the combination of her abilities. Having said that, the usual playstyle for the hero is to create plays and execute ganks on unsuspecting enemy heroes across the map. Considering the ability to steal an enemy’s ultimate ability, it is safe to say that Valentina can be extremely scary to face off against in a multiplayer game.

In case you find yourself facing trouble with the hero’s mechanics and passive movements, make sure to spend some time in a custom room to get used to Valentina’s performance in Mobile Legends before jumping back into a multiplayer lobby.

And that's it for this Mobile Legends Lylia build guide. Hopefully, you'll be able to take what you've learned here and climb the ranks more reliably. And if you need to learn a few other roles, we have Mobile Legends build guides for this season's finest. We have guides for Ruby, Lylia, and even Lesley. We also have one for Edith right around the corner as well.

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