Mobile Legends Edith Build for 2022

Artwork for Edith, the upcoming hero in Mobile Legends.

Artwork for Edith, the upcoming hero in Mobile Legends.

Looking to sail through the leaderboards and join the ranks of Mythic players with the ideal Mobile Legends Edith build? Well, we've got the guide for you. Edith is the latest tank/marksman in Mobile Legends who is not only capable of dealing huge bursts of damage but also withstanding most of her enemies' attacks and abilities.

The hero is equipped with two basic abilities and one ultimate ability; however, upon activating her ultimate, Edith receives two new basic abilities for the duration of her ultimate. This means that the newly released hero has a total of five abilities in addition to her passive. Considering everything that Edith has to offer, mastering her playstyle in Mobile Legends will definitely give you a better chance to boost your rank despite how long it might take.

Keep reading to find out more about Edith and how you can master the hero in Mobile Legends. Beyond that, you can also try out our curated guides for other heroes like Ruby, Lesley, or even Alucard. We also keep a Mobile Legends codes guide and a Mobile Legends tier list to help you along.

The Best Mobile Legend Edith Build

Ability Priority
Earth Shatter -> Onward
Onward -> Earth Shatter
Warrior Boots
Magic Shoes
First Item
Lightning Truncheon
Item Build
Tough Boots, Lightning Truncheon, Guardian Helmet, Oracle, Holy Crystal, Immortality
Warrior Boots, Lightning Truncheon, Thunder Belt, Athena's Shield, Blood Wings, Immortality

Based on the details released by Moonton so far, Edith is an extremely competitive hero in Mobile Legends. Mastering her skills and playstyle will definitely help you sail through the leaderboards to reach Mythic.

Having said that, keep reading to find out everything there is to know about Edith. The table above should give you all the at-a-glance information you need to take this Mobile Legends Edith build into battle. If you're still confused about Edith's build and playstyle, simply scroll down for a detailed Mobile Legends Edith build guide on everything you need to know to push through the competition.

Mobile Legends Edith’s Abilities

Unlike most heroes in Mobile Legends, Edith is equipped with a total of five active abilities and one passive ability. While the hero is equipped with three abilities at all times, Edith’s ultimate ability swaps her basic abilities for two new abilities that can only be cast within the duration of her ultimate.

Apart from that, it's Edith’s passive ability that can be an absolute game-changer during crucial moments in team fights. Additionally, Edith’s abilities can take a fair bit of time to understand and execute to perfection, especially because the ability changes during her ultimate. Therefore, it is highly advised that you spend some time in a custom room to figure out the hero’s movements before jumping into a multiplayer match.

Now let’s take a look at Edith’s abilities.

Passive Ability – Overload

Every time Edith casts an ability, the hero becomes overcharged for a duration of three seconds. During this overcharged period, Edith’s basic attacks have a chance of triggering a chain of lightning that deals bonus magic damage. Additionally, the chain can bounce on up to four enemies to deal the same amount of damage.

Considering the fact that Edith has a total of five abilities, Overload can be the key factor in various team fights.

First Ability (Normal State) – Earth Shatter

Edith executes an earth-shattering attack in a designated direction to deal physical damage and knock enemies airborne for an entire second. Following up this ability with basic attacks in team fights can deal massive amounts of area damage to the enemy team and create an advantage for your team.

Second Ability (Normal State) – Onward

Edith charges towards a specified direction, dealing physical damage to enemies caught in her path. Additionally, the hero stops after reaching the first enemy hero in her path and tosses them over her shoulder, dealing bonus physical damage.

Ultimate Ability – Primal Wrath

Casting her ultimate ability allows Edith to separate herself from Phylax, her armored shell. Additionally, Edith also gains ranged attacks that deal magic damage to enemies. On top of that, the hero also gains two new abilities to replace her basic abilities. However, the biggest bonus that Edith receives from the ultimate ability is being able to enter flight state with boosted movement speed.

First Ability (Flight State) - Divine Retribution

Edith can cast her first ability while her ultimate is active to mark a circular area with Divine Retribution. The marked area deals massive magic damage to enemies caught in the vicinity and has a fairly low cooldown, making it extremely efficient for spamming purposes.

Second Ability (Flight State) - Lightning Bolt

You can use this ability to fire a lightning bolt towards a specified direction. The bolt deals massive magic damage to the first enemy that it strikes while also immobilizing them for a period of 0.8 seconds.

Mobile Legends Edith's Ability Progression

Apart from obviously taking a point in your ultimate at levels four, eight, and 12 respectively, the best ability progression path for Edith is by maxing out her first ability with as few points in her second ability as possible. This build will allow you to participate in team fights and deal massive bursts of damage with Earth Shatter.

However, in case a game goes horribly wrong from the beginning, you can consider maxing out your second skill first in order to run away from enemies who have dash abilities and catch up with Edith. Given that Edith is a tank/marksman, the hero can sustain quite a bit of damage in her normal state.

Additionally, you should also remember that the abilities that are leveled up in Edith’s normal state will have the same number of upgrade points while in her flight state.

In-game screenshot of Mobile Legends featuring the upcoming hero, Edith in action.
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Mobile Legends Edith’s Emblem

Given that the new hero features attributes for both Markman and Tank class heroes, it is safe to say that Edith is a fairly versatile hero who can excel with various emblem boosts.

However, considering the fact that the hero can sustain heavy damage from the enemy while also being capable of dishing out damage, the hero performs ideally with either the Tank emblem or the Marksman emblem.

Mobile Legends Edith’s Spells

There are a bunch of spells that Edith can use in Mobile Legends to further amplify her damage and have a huge influence on the outcome of every team fight. Let’s dive in and take a look at which spell is ideal for Edith in which scenario.

Why is it good?
Extremely effective for survival against high damage enemies
Ideal for situations when your team is lacking crowd-control abilities and could use an additional disable for team fights
Be it to catch an escaping enemy or to flee from an unfavorable gank, Flicker is definitely one of the best and most dependable spells for Edith
The ability to teleport to an allied unit is something that can change the entire outcome of a team fight making it extremely useful for Edith in every game

Mobile Legends Edith’s Item Build

Tough Boots
Magic Defense
Warrior Boots
Physical Defense
Twilight Armor
Health and Physical Defense
Guardian Helmet
Health and HP Regeneration
Thunder Belt
Health and Physical Defense
Lightning Truncheon
Magic Power and Cooldown Reduction
Holy Crystal
Magic Power
Blood Wings
Magic Power
Physical Defense and Resurrection ability

Considering that Mobile Legends is a MOBA, there is no fixed item path for any hero in the game. Just like a match is fluid, so too should be your item picks. Nevertheless, there are a few items that are bound to help the hero in almost every situation. We've listed them above as part of this Mobile Legends Edith build.

Artwork for Mobile Legends featuring Edith's charts and description.
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Gameplay Tips for Edith

With the new champion finally being revealed on the main server, it has become extremely difficult to find matches without Edith in them. Given that she is capable of sustaining heavy bursts of damage while also dealing lethal damage to the enemy, Edith is definitely one of the strongest heroes available in the current hero pool.

Considering these factors, Edith could be played in either the gold lane or the exp lane in Mobile Legends. However, considering how broken the hero is at this moment, we should be seeing a balancing update for Edith soon.

Nevertheless, until that happens, it is highly recommended that you should unlock Edith from the store and jump into a couple of custom lobbies to test out the hero. Now, before you jump into a ranked match, you should go through a few unranked matches to ensure that you are absolutely comfortable with the hero's mechanics.

And that's it for this Mobile Legends Edith build guide. Hopefully, you'll be able to take what you've learned here and climb the ranks more reliably. And if you need to learn a few other roles, we have Mobile Legends build guides for this season's finest. We have guides for Ruby, Lylia, and even Lesley. We also have one for Valentina right around the corner as well.

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