Mobile Legends Lesley Build for 2022

Artwork featuring Lesley from Mobile Legends

Artwork featuring Lesley from Mobile Legends

Looking to sail through the leaderboards and join the ranks of Mythic players with the ideal Mobile Legends Lesley build? Well, you've come to the right place. Lesley is a devastating marksman in Mobile Legends who specializes in dealing bursts of physical damage while also being capable of sniping down enemies from a fair distance.

The hero is equipped with two low-cooldown abilities that allow her to farm efficiently, join team fights from the mid-game, and escape unscathed from enemy ganks. Considering everything that Lesley has to offer, mastering her playstyle in Mobile Legends will definitely give you a better chance to boost your rank.

Keep reading to find out more about Lesley and how you can master the hero in Mobile Legends. Beyond that, you can also try out our curated guides for other heroes like Ruby, Vexana, or even Alucard. We also keep a Mobile Legends codes guide and a Mobile Legends tier list if you're in need of some extra help.

The Best Mobile Legend Lesley Build

Ability Priority
Master of Camouflage -> Tactical Grenade
Tactical Grenade -> Master of Camouflage
Rapid Shoes
Magic Shoes
First Item
Endless Battle
Blade of Despair
Item Build
Rapid Boots, Endless Battle, Scarlet Phantom, Blade of Despair, Rose Gold Meteor, Malefic Roar
Magic Shoes, Blade of Despair, Haas's Claws, Malefic Roar, Rose Gold Meteor, Berserker's Fury

Lesley is one of the scariest late-game heroes in Mobile Legends. However, she is fairly weak during the early stages of the game and spends most of her time farming for resources. She makes up for it during the late-game, where she becomes capable of wiping out any enemy hero with a single shot.

In case you are confused about Lesley's build and are trying to figure out how to master the hero, simply scroll down for a detailed guide on everything you should know before playing her in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Lesley’s Abilities

Like most heroes in Mobile Legends, barring a few, Lesley is equipped with three active abilities and one passive ability. While two of her active abilities are low cooldown, Lesley’s ultimate ability features a fairly high cooldown and should only be used in appropriate situations.

Apart from that, it's Lesley’s passive ability that can be an absolute game-changer during crucial moments in team fights. Additionally, Lesley’s abilities can take a fair bit of time to understand and execute to perfection. Therefore, it is highly advised that you spend some time in a custom room to figure out the hero’s movements before jumping into a multiplayer match.

Having said that, let’s take a look at Lesley’s abilities.

Passive Ability – Lethal Shot

Unlike most heroes in Mobile Legends, Lesley does not require mana to cast her abilities. However, the hero gathers charge with every basic attack she executes. Additionally, whenever the character goes without taking any damage for five seconds, her next basic attack is charged with a bonus range and a 40% critical chance.

Using any of Lesley’s active abilities will also restore the Lethal Shot charge for the hero’s next basic attack.

First Ability – Master of Camouflage

Lesley uses her first ability to enter a semi-transparent camouflaged state that increases her movement speed by 30% for three seconds. Given that the ability has a maxed-out cooldown of two seconds, it can also be used to recharge Lethal Shot to deal massive bursts of physical damage during team fights in the late game.

Second Ability – Tactical Grenade

Lesley can cast her second ability to throw a tactical grenade in a specified direction. The grenade explodes in a fan-shaped area while also knocking back enemies caught in the vicinity. On top of that, casting Tactical Grenade also makes Lesley jump backwards to create further distance between her and the enemies.

Ultimate Ability – Ultimate Snipe

Featuring a cooldown of 40 seconds at all levels, Lesley’s ultimate ability allows her to lock on to the nearest enemy hero and fire four shots that deal massive physical damage. Additionally, the ability has a huge cast range, therefore making it even easier for Lesley to snipe down low-health enemies who try to flee from the fight.

Mobile Legends Lesley's Ability Progression

Apart from obviously taking a point in your ultimate at levels four, eight, and 12 respectively, the best ability progression path for Lesley is by maxing out her first ability with as few points in her second ability as possible. This build will allow you to farm efficiently with the marksman and prepare optimally to carry your team through the late game.

However, in case a game goes horribly wrong from the beginning, you can consider maxing out your second skill first in order to run away from enemies who have dash abilities and catch up with Lesley. Given that Lesley is a marksman, her main role is to deal damage after grabbing a couple of in-game items. This makes it essential for the hero to stay alive and farm as efficiently as possible. As long as this purpose is fulfilled, both of Lesley’s abilities can be upgraded accordingly to ensure the hero’s survival.

Mobile Legends Lesley’s Emblem

While you can play Lesley as a sneaky assassin, the hero really comes into her element when played as a lethal marksman capable of wiping out any enemy with a single shot. For this same reason, I would highly recommend selecting the Marksman emblem for Lesley with the 'Weakness Finder' perk activated. This will allow the hero to strike penetrating attacks on the enemy while also slowing them and lowering their movement speeds.

The bonus slow from the emblem allows Lesley to ensure that the enemy dies before they are able to run away from the marksman.

Screenshot from an in-game scene of Mobile Legends featuring Lesley in the river.
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Mobile Legends Lesley’s Spells

There are a bunch of spells that Lesley can use in Mobile Legends to further amplify her damage and have a huge influence on the outcome of every team fight. Let’s dive in and take a look at which spell is ideal for Lesley in which scenario.

Why is it good?
Ideal for amplifying Lesley’s farming speed by continuously clearing out the jungles rapidly
Allows Lesley to dispel crowd control abilities and escape from bad positions
Be it to reposition in the middle of a team fight or to flee from an unfavorable gank, Flicker is definitely one of the best and most dependable spells for Lesley
The ability to teleport to an allied unit is something that can change the entire outcome of a team fight making it extremely useful for Lesley in every game

Mobile Legends Lesley's Item Build

Considering that Mobile Legends is a MOBA, there is no fixed item path for any hero in the game. The itemization for a specific hero depends entirely upon the progression of the game. Nevertheless, there are a few items that are bound to help the hero in almost every situation.

Some of these items for Lesley are:

Rapid Boots
Bonus movement speed
Magic Shoes
Lowered ability cooldowns
Endless Battle
Life steal and true damage
Haas's Claws
Life steal and physical damage
Malefic Roar
Physical defense reduction and physical damage
Rose Gold Meteor
Life steal and defensive shield
Blade of Despair
Physical damage
Screenshot from an in-game scene of Mobile Legends featuring Lesley in the enemy's base.
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Gameplay Tips for Mobile Legends Lesley

Similar to most marksman-class heroes in Mobile Legends, Lesley is a typical Attack-Damage-Carry (ADC) who requires quite a bit of resource before becoming effective in the game. Having said that, it is a given that you should be heading to the gold lane to ensure maximum advantage from the laning stage. Additionally, it is also essential for you to keep a constant eye on the mini-map to continuously monitor the enemy’s movements. Doing this will allow you to dodge a lot of fatal ganks and continue farming for your resources.

Securing the gold crab in the river is also highly advised as it gives a major boost to Lesley’s GPM and allows you to secure your items faster. Being a marksman, Lesley is extremely squishy with a fairly limited health pool. Hence, players can also opt for defensive items in competitive games to ensure their survival.

Considering everything that Lesley has to offer, the hero is definitely one of the scariest marksman-class characters available in the game. Capable of wiping heroes with a single shot, Lesley has the potential to turn into an absolute monster in the right hands. With that in mind, don’t shy away from spending some time in a Custom room to practice the hero before diving into multiplayer games.

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