Mobile Legends Ruby Build for 2022

Artwork for Mobile Legends featuring Ruby in her Little Red Riding Hood outfit.

Artwork for Mobile Legends featuring Ruby in her Little Red Riding Hood outfit.

Looking to sail through the leaderboards and join the ranks of Mythic players with the ideal Mobile Legends Ruby build? Look no further, as we have you covered! Ruby is a frightening tank/fighter in Mobile Legends who specializes in the art of crowd-control and sustaining in team fights using her bonus life steal.

The hero, who strikes a stunning resemblance to Little Red Riding Hood, is equipped with three low-cooldown abilities that allow her to play an active role on the map, setting up ganks on enemies and rescuing her allies from enemy ganks. Considering everything that Ruby has to offer, mastering her playstyle in Mobile Legends will definitely grant you a higher rank.

Keep reading to find out more about Ruby and how you can master the hero in Mobile Legends. Apart from that, you can also try out our curated guides for other heroes like Lesley, Vexana, or even Alucard. We also keep a Mobile Legends codes guide and a Mobile Legends tier list.

The Best Mobile Legend Ruby Build

Ability Priority
Be Good! -> Don't run, Wolf King!
Don't run, Wolf King! -> Be Good!
Warrior Boots
Magic Shoes
First Item
Endless Battle
Item Build
Warrior Boots, Endless Battle, Queen's Wings, Oracle, Immortality, Blade of Despair
Magic Shoes, Endless Battle, Athena's Shield, Immortality, Queen's Wings, Blade of Despair

Ruby is undoubtedly one of the best tempo controlling heroes in Mobile Legends. The hero is even more effective in most matches due to her ability to perform as both a fighter and a tank, based on her team's requirements.

In case you are confused about Ruby's build and are trying to figure out how to master the hero, simply scroll down for a detailed guide on everything you should know before playing her in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Ruby’s Abilities

Like most heroes in Mobile Legends, barring a few, Ruby is equipped with three active abilities and one passive ability. While all of her active abilities are low cooldown, it is Ruby’s passive ability that can be an absolute game-changer during crucial moments in team fights. Additionally, Ruby’s abilities can take a fair bit of time to understand and execute to perfection. Therefore, it is highly advised that you spend some time in a custom room to figure out the hero’s movements before jumping into a multiplayer match.

Having said that, let’s take a look at Ruby’s abilities.

Passive Ability – Let's Dance

Arguably the strongest of Ruby's abilities, Let’s Dance grants Ruby a bonus 10% physical life steal while also inheriting 115% life steal from additional items and equipment. On top of that, the passive ability allows Ruby to dash towards a specified direction whenever she casts any of her active abilities. After completing the dash, Ruby gains bonus physical and magical defense for a duration of four seconds. The defensive effect can stack up to three times and scales with Ruby’s in-game level.

First Ability – Be Good!

Ruby uses her first ability to slash forward with her scythe, dealing damage to any enemy unit caught in her path. The slash also sends a shockwave forward that deals additional physical damage while also slowing all enemies hit by it for two seconds. Be Good! has a cooldown of four seconds at all levels, therefore making it fairly simple to spam at all stages of the game.

Second Ability – Don't run, Wolf King!

Ruby’s second ability allows her to spin her scythe around her, dealing physical damage and also stunning all enemies who are within her scythe’s vicinity. This ability is extremely effective in team fights and can be used to protect your team’s ADC in tough situations. The ability features a cooldown of seven seconds at all levels, forcing players to use it sensibly in team fights.

Ultimate Ability – I'm Offended!

Featuring a cooldown of 26/23/20 seconds at levels four, eight, and 12 respectively, Ruby’s ultimate can be game-changing in most team fights. Capable of repositioning and stunning enemies caught in the range of her scythe, I’m Offended! can also be cast more than once in extended team fights, making it even scarier for the enemy team.

Mobile Legends Ruby's Ability Progression

Apart from obviously taking a point in your ultimate at levels four, eight, and 12 respectively, the best ability progression path for Ruby is by maxing out her first ability with as few points in her second ability as possible. This build will allow you to play Ruby in an aggressive manner and put pressure on your enemies.

However, in case a game goes horribly wrong from the beginning, you can consider maxing out your second skill first in order to provide additional safety for your allies. Nevertheless, maxing out your second ability before the first one will definitely see a drastic fall in the amount of damage that Ruby is capable of dealing.

Mobile Legends Ruby's Emblem

While you can play Ruby as a traditional tank, the hero really comes into her element when played as an extremely sustainable fighter. For this same reason, I would recommend selecting the Fighter emblem for Ruby with the 'Festival of Blood' perk activated. This will allow the hero to receive even more spell vamp, which further translates to boosted life steal.

The bonus life steal will not only allow Ruby to stay alive for longer in team fights but also deal a notable amount of damage to all enemies.

Mobile Legends Ruby's Spells

There are a bunch of spells that Ruby can use in Mobile Legends to further amplify her performance and have a huge influence on the outcome of any given match. Let’s dive in and take a look at which spell is ideal for Ruby in which scenario.

Why is it good?
Extremely effective for survival against high damage enemies
Ideal for situations when your team is lacking crowd-control abilities and could use an additional disable for team fights
Be it to catch an escaping enemy or to flee from an unfavorable gank, Flicker is definitely one of the best and most dependable spells for Ruby
The ability to teleport to an allied unit is something that can change the entire outcome of a team fight making it extremely useful in Ruby in every game

Mobile Legends Ruby's Item Build

Considering that Mobile Legends is a MOBA, there is no fixed item path for any hero in the game. The itemization for a specific hero depends entirely upon the progression of the game. Nevertheless, there are a few items that are bound to help the hero in almost every situation.

Some of these items for Ruby are:

Warrior Boots
Bonus physical resistance
Magic Shoes
Lowered ability cooldown
Endless Battle
Life steal and true damage
Queen's Wings
Physical resistance and bonus life steal
Athena's Shield
Bonus magic resistance
Blade of Despair
Physical Damage for late game

Gameplay Tips for Mobile Legends' Ruby

Unlike most fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, Ruby does not require a bunch of items to start joining in ganks and fights. The hero can start making rotations as soon as she makes her shoes and hits level four to unlock her ultimate. For this purpose, it is ideal that Ruby starts the game in the EXP Lane all by herself, as collecting solo experience in the lane will help her unlock her ultimate quicker.

After securing her level four, Ruby is expected to start making plays across the map and setting up kills for her mid-laner and ADC. The hero collects most of her farm by hunting down unsuspecting enemies instead of staying stagnant in a specific lane or in the jungle. Considering her abilities, Ruby is also well equipped to go in and steal resources from the enemy’s jungle. Doing this will not only grant you bonus farm but will also create additional space for your ADC to farm in peace.

Considering everything that Ruby has to offer, the hero is an extremely fast-paced playmaker and requires fast fingers to be played optimally. In case you find yourself facing trouble with the hero’s mechanics and movements, make sure to spend some time in a custom room to get used to Ruby’s performance in Mobile Legends before jumping back into a multiplayer lobby.

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