Medieval Dynasty: Roadmap For Q4 2020 And Q1 2021

Medieval Dynasty has come to Steam in early access, it's currently discounted by 20%.

As it's early access, there are plenty of new things to come.

Fans have been really vocal about what they want to see in the game.

The devs have been really transparent with players about their plan for Medieval Dynasty through their roadmap.

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Medieval Dynasty Roadmap

Developers Toplitz Productions and Render Cube have been amazing keeping fan informed on what is to come in the future.

Medieval Dynasty is already an advanced game but there's more that can be brought to the game to make it even better.

Below is an image of Medieval Dynasty's roadmap for Q4 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021:

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Fourth-quarter of 2020 plans:

  • Events
  • Challenges
  • Fishing
  • Riding
  • Farming

First-quarter of 2021 plans:

  • Pottery
  • Beekeping
  • Alcohol production
  • Bandits

"Also, we will improve the game by fixing bugs, adjusting game balance and optimizations throughout the Early Access. And of course, new languages will be added as well. Don't forget to post your suggestions and ideas on the forum, too." they stated on their Steam post.

I asked some of the Discord members what they would like to see come to Medieval Dynasty, here were their responses.

  • The ability to place a waypoint or multiple waypoints on the map would be awesome
  • It would be super cool if we could rename the houses. when you have 3 or 4 small houses its hard to know which one is which on the list
  • Make the seasons LONGER
  • I suggest to focus on fixing the farming bugs
  • Can we get a buildable well?
  • Horse to travel and work with, also a wagon will be nice
  • Plant trees so you can generate your own forest

There was a lot more but we couldn't list them all in this article if you'd like to see for yourself then join Toplitz Official Discord channel!

There's so much to do in Medieval Dynasty a large focus is making as much money as possible! If you're just starting out you might be wondering where to find Straw and Iron. It's a good idea to get your farm set up too, you'll need manure to plant crops and Flaxseed is a great crop to grow. There's also plenty of animals to hunt to create items, some of the most rewarding creatures being Bears and Wolves! Recruiting villagers later in the game is vital, getting a wife too and you'll need to upgrade their homes using Daub. Hopefully, Medieval Dynasty will make its way to console players too, there's plenty that could be added to the title's roadmap, maybe we'll see multiplayer in the future!.

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