Medieval Dynasty: Iron Location Guide

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Excavation is important in this game, it's an umbrella term for mining, chopping down trees and more.

Later in the game, iron becomes an important resource.

Here's where to find it and how to use it in Medieval Dynasty!

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Medieval Dynasty Iron Location

Iron is a resource in Medieval Dynasty.

It can be found in caves.

Be careful when arriving as Bears will spawn here.

It's no fun running for miles to get there then get killed, trust me, I would know.

Check out our bear guide by clicking here to be prepared to take them down!

Iron can be used to make more durable tools, most of these will be faster than that of their stone counterpart.

There are three caves:

  • North of Branica
  • Northeast of Jezerica
  • East of Hornica
  • Southwest of Gostovia

We've marked the cave locations on the map for you below!

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You'll need a pickaxe to be able to mine the iron.

There are two vendors who sell them, Jan in Hornica and Teoblad in Lesnica.

I personally bought mine from Jan as there is a mine right next to Hornica.

Alternatively, you can set up a mine and send your villagers to collect iron if you have the technology points to do so!

There's so much to do in Medieval Dynasty a large focus is making as much money as possible! If you're just starting out you might be wondering where to find Straw and Iron. It's a good idea to get your farm set up too, you'll need manure to plant crops and Flaxseed is a great crop to grow. There's also plenty of animals to hunt to create items, some of the most rewarding creatures being Bears and Wolves! Recruiting villagers later in the game is vital, getting a wife too and you'll need to upgrade their homes using Daub. Hopefully, Medieval Dynasty will make its way to console players too, there's plenty that could be added to the title's roadmap, maybe we'll see multiplayer in the future!.

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