Medieval Dynasty: Bear Location And Strategy Guide

Medieval Dynasty released as an early access simulator on Steam and is currently 20% off.

There's loads to do, one of which being sewing, which requires leather.

As it's early access, it can be hard to find out where some things are or how to do stuff.

We're going to tell you where to find bears in Medieval Dynasty and how to take them down!

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Medieval Dynasty Bears

Sometimes hunting in Medieval Dynasty can become boring and really frustrating.

I can't count on two hands how many spears I've broken just trying to take down a deer.

Funnily enough, some of the bigger animals and predators in-game are easiest to hunt.

The most elusive of all creatures in-game are bears.

Where can you find them and how do you bring them down?

Bear Locations

You'll mostly find bears dotted around the map outside of caves.

We've marked the best bear location areas on the interactive Mapgenie map just below:

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Bears are really easy to kill, especially being one of the biggest predators in the game.

The bow and arrow have proved to be pretty useless unless you're hunting smaller animals or trying to stagger deer.

Time to whack out your trusty spear, trusty is probably the wrong word as they tend to break quickly and at the worst times.

Make sure to make some backups in case you miss or lose some.

Try to get as close to the bear as you can without aggroing it, then aim for its head.

If it hits, the bear's mobility will be greatly affected and they'll be a lot slower.

Land one more spear on its head and it will be defeated!

Be careful because if you don't stagger them or you get their attention and they get to you, a few hits can be fatal.

There's so much to do in Medieval Dynasty a large focus is making as much money as possible! If you're just starting out you might be wondering where to find Straw and Iron. It's a good idea to get your farm set up too, you'll need manure to plant crops and Flaxseed is a great crop to grow. There's also plenty of animals to hunt to create items, some of the most rewarding creatures being Bears and Wolves! Recruiting villagers later in the game is vital, getting a wife too and you'll need to upgrade their homes using Daub. Hopefully, Medieval Dynasty will make its way to console players too, there's plenty that could be added to the title's roadmap, maybe we'll see multiplayer in the future!.

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