Is Medieval Dynasty Coming To PS4 Or Xbox One?

Medieval Dynasty recently released on Steam.

For an early access game, it's already doing well and has a dedicated community.

A newer concept, a Medieval civilisation simulation, could it be coming to more platforms?

Is Medieval Dynasty Coming To PS4 Or Xbox One?

Currently, there isn't a huge amount of information around this topic, especially as the game is in early development.

Many players are already in love with this game, myself included.

In three days I've found myself glued to my screen for nearly 30 hours.

Toplitz Production, the developers of the game have released many titles so far, most of which are PC only.

There are a few such as The Adventures of 00 Dilly, Airport Simulator 2019 and more that are available on all platforms but the Nintendo Switch.

Medieval Dynasty seems like it could be successful on consoles, the interface and gameplay is compatible, but will we see this happen any time soon?

Mathias Wunche, CEO of Toplitz Productions has stated that the devs are constantly looking to players for feedback and ideas.

The community will have a say in where the game goes and what in its future.

They even have a discord channel with subchannels specifically for bug hunting, tech support and suggestions.

Toplitz Productions have been incredible in terms of fixing things so far, with hotfixes every day since the game's release.

Fingers crossed Medieval Dynasty will come to console so others can experience the grind of building a functioning medieval village!

There's so much to do in Medieval Dynasty a large focus is making as much money as possible! If you're just starting out you might be wondering where to find Straw and Iron. It's a good idea to get your farm set up too, you'll need manure to plant crops and Flaxseed is a great crop to grow. There's also plenty of animals to hunt to create items, some of the most rewarding creatures being Bears and Wolves! Recruiting villagers later in the game is vital, getting a wife too and you'll need to upgrade their homes using Daub. Hopefully, Medieval Dynasty will make its way to console players too, there's plenty that could be added to the title's roadmap, maybe we'll see multiplayer in the future!.

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