Mario Strikers Battle League tier list (March 2024) - Best characters and equipment

Image of Luigi being electrocuted by a fence in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Image of Luigi being electrocuted by a fence in Mario Strikers: Battle League.
March 28, 2024: We cleaned up the Mario Strikers: Battle League tier list a tad.

Need a Mario Strikers: Battle League tier list? The much-anticipated revival of the hit Nintendo sports franchise is finally out now, and if you're planning on being at the top of the league, you'll want to know which characters are the best to use. For that, we've ranked every Mario Strikers: Battle League currently in the game, giving you the best chance of building the best squad.

In this Mario Strikers: Battle League guide, we'll break down the ten base characters so you know who is best. We've also got a quick look at whether more characters will arrive later down the line, shaking up the existing meta that's sure to form around its multiplayer modes.

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Mario Strikers: Battle League tier list - All characters ranked

Mario Strikers: Battle League tier list










Donkey Kong

See the table above for our Mario Strikers: Battle League tier list, ranking the ten characters based on our time with the game. We've taken into consideration their regular stats without any equipment attached, which can be used to alter each character's performance.

As you can see, Mario and Luigi currently rank at the top of our tier list. They're the best characters on balance due to their all-round abilities, with proficiency in dribbling, shooting, and pace. The only thing the plumber brothers lack is strength, meaning they won't be able to wrestle the ball from stronger characters like Donkey Kong.

Especially with a shooting boost attached, Luigi could well be the best character in Mario Strikers: Battle League. He can hit the top corner with pinpoint accuracy from very far out, with solid dribbling stats to boot. Just don't expect him to crash in with a slide tackle. He's not built for that.

Yoshi in Mario Strikers Battle League.
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How do I get more characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

Nintendo has confirmed that new characters will come to Mario Strikers: Battle League over time. We just don't know when. As it stands, the ten characters in the roster at launch are the only ones we know about, and leaks suggest at least ten more will arrive down the line, echoing the bonus characters released in games like Mario Tennis: Aces and Mario Golf: Super Rush.

The most recent game in the series, Mario Strikers Charged, had twelve captains, and an additional eight sidekicks to play a support role in your team. Given Battle League has far fewer in comparison, Nintendo could well add more to make up the numbers, breathing new life into the tier list over time. We'll have to wait and see.

That's it for our Mario Strikers: Battle League tier list. Feel free to check back soon, because if new characters are added we'll update our rankings. Until then, why not redeem the latest Genshin Impact codes and aim for a character high on the Genshin Impact tier list if Hoyoverse sucked you into Teyvat.

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