Goal Kick Simulator Codes - Free Gems for Mars Update

June 7, 2022: We added details of the new Where is Floppa Goal Kick Simulator event.

Wanna be the best goalie in the world? Or even the universe? Goal Kick Simulator codes will help you do just that, especially with the new Mars update.

Released early in May this year, Goal Kick Simulator has already gained a lot of fans, and a lot of codes to go with it. Dream Labs Games have released them in a timely manner and made sure that new players can get up to speed with free Gems and cash. The aim of the game is to score goals.

If being a sports star in Roblox is your thing, then check out Weight Lifting Simulator to get your pump on, and Sonic Speed Simulator if you wanna go fast. There’s also YouTube Life or Adopt Me, if you want something a little more relaxed.

All Working Goal Kick Simulator Codes

  • WELOVEFLOPPA – free bonus items (new!)
  • COUNTTO10K – 1k gems (new!)
  • LIKEFORUPDATES – 3k gems (new!)
  • STARS - (NEW)
  • GEMPARTY - Free Gems
  • SUPERKICK – Redeem for free Gems
  • ALIEN – Redeem for 2,500 Gems
  • BALL – Redeem for 3,500 Gems
  • FREEGEMS – Redeem for 3,500 Gems
  • 15K – Redeem for 6,000 Gems
  • MOON – Redeem for 5,000 Gems

The following Goal Kick Simulator codes were last checked and confirmed expired on June 7, 2022.

Expired codes:


The next Goal Kick Simulator code drop should happen when the game gets 120K Likes.

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How To Redeem Codes In Goal Kick Simulator

Redeeming codes in this game is super easy. Click either of the icons on the right-hand side, and this will reveal the Twitter icon button. Hit that and the code box will appear. Copy and paste the codes in one at a time and you'll get your rewards instantly. Handy, right? You'll be swimming in gems.

How Do I Play Goal Kick Simulator?

With the task at hand simply being to kick a ball into a goal, Goal Kick Simulator is an easy enough Roblox game to play. That being said, if you're stuck, we've listed a couple of necessary details below.

You play Goal Kick Simulator simply by holding Q or the middle button on the screen. The longer you hold it, the harder your kick will be and the more power you'll have behind the ball.

Floppa Goal Kick Simulator Patch Notes

  • Floppa Chest
  • Mars Rocket Ship
  • Area Multipliers
  • Side Areas
  • Gamepass gifting
  • Auto Stats update
  • New Stars
  • Four new Ranks
  • World 2 protal
  • 3k Gems for kicking from Power-Up areas

The Floppa Goal Kick Simulator update primarily featured the "Where Is Floppa" event for a limited time. On top of a matching chest, the patch also included area multipliers, the Mars rocket ship, new side areas, stars, ranks, and a whole lot more.

And that's your lot on Goal Kick Simulator. The Mars update added a bunch of new reasons to play, so get stuck in if you haven't already. And for more Roblox games, check out Dragon Fighting Simulator codes if you want a new game that's challenging the one it's based on.

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