Dragon Fighting Simulator Codes - Free Coins and Boosts

June 17, 2022: We added one new code to the list.

Want to get a headstart fighting these fearsome dragons? We’ve got all working Dragon Fighting Simulator codes right here. Developed by Lord of Heroes, Dragon Fighting Simulator is a Roblox experience that places you into a world where you must train hard to be strong enough to face dragons head-on.

They’re here to threaten the islands you inhabit. You’ll need to get better weapons and continuously size up your strength in order to beat back the terrible force. You can unlock new areas with Coins, too, to fight off even more fearsome foes. That’s where these codes come in.

If this Roblox game isn’t enough to keep you busy, then we suggest trying Shindo Life, Blox Fruits or even Anime Online. We have code pages for these games and many more!

All Working Dragon Fighting Simulator Codes

  • 100KLIKES - Double coins (NEW)
  • 55KLIKES - Double coins
  • BugFixes
  • 20KLIKES - Double coins
  • RELEASE - 150 Coins

The following Dragon Fighting Simulator codes were last checked and confirmed expired on June 17, 2022.

Expired Codes

  • There are no expired codes for Dragon Fighting Simulator, yet.

Another new Dragon Fighting Simulator code was promised at 60K likes. The game is currently at 83k likes without the code dropping, so expect it in update five.

How to enter codes in Dragon Fighting Simulator.
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How To Use Dragon Fighting Simulator Codes

Redeeming codes in Dragon Fighting Simulator is easy, it's like a lot of other Roblox games too - so if you already play some, you'll know where to look.

On the left-hand side of the screen, there's an icon shaped like a speech bubble. Copy a code and paste it into the pop-up window, and hit redeem. There you go - free stuff!

What Is Dragon Fighting Simulator?

Dragon Fighting Simulator is a new Roblox game developed by Lords of Heroes. According to them, the game is based on Weapon Fighting Simulator, and follows the same basic concept.

Players must gain strength and better weapons through training and purchasing them with coins and gems. These will be earned as rewards for defeating enemies. You can unlock new areas, and traverse the land in search of more dragons to defeat. There are even pets in the game too!

Dragon Fighting Simulator Update 4 Patch Notes

  • Three new areas
  • One passive level
  • New dragon and exclusive eggs
  • New ranks and reward fixes
  • New bows
  • Mount system
  • Luck/VIP Gamepasses
  • New codes
  • "more"

And that's about all there is to say about Dragon Fighting Simulator right now. It's a relatively new game, but being based on the ever-popular Weapon Fighting Simulator codes. It's even managing to match its active playerbase even in the early morning.

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