How to Fish in Lost Ark - Fishing Guide

A city in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is already setting itself up to be one of the top MMO games of 2022, with thousands flocking to its servers using Founder's Packs to grab early access to the game before its official launch. First released by Smilegate in South Korea in 2019, the MMOARPG title is now launching worldwide.

There is an abundance of things to do and explore that expand beyond the main quest line in Lost Ark. Players can collect Cards, try different classes and skills, and even engage in Life Skills, like logging and mining. Furthermore, there are Strongholds to maintain, and NPC's to build Rapport with.

One aspect of many video games that we like to take part in is fishing. Across genres, you'll find people perfecting fishing, and Lost Ark is no different. In this guide, we explain how to fish in Lost Ark and all fishing skills available.

A character faces a city in Lost Ark.
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How to Fish in Lost Ark

When it comes to going fishing in Lost Ark, you will first need to have progressed through the main quest line until you reach Lakebar Village. This will be when you're likely between Level 20 and 30, and will then unlock fishing as a Life Skill for you.

After having completed the 'Crown of Lakebar' quests, you will then be able to buy a Novice Fishing Tool from the Lakebar Trade Tool Merchant. With the Tool equipped using your Trade Menu, you can head to a fishing spot indicated by small, fishing icons on your map. When here and beside a body of water, cast your line into the water by clicking on it.

Once you see a fish take the bait and your line bobs underwater, indicated by a '!' icon, it is time to reel them in by right-clicking. That's it! Any fish you catch can be used for cooking food items that can give you stat bonuses and buffs after consumption.

As you'll soon realise when engaging in any Life Skill, players require a Life Skill Tool whenever participating in activities like fishing. These tools will vary in their quality and rarity, and will have a set durability. So, they'll need repairing or replacing. You can pay Silver to repair tools at the cost of reducing their max durability, or you can spend Crystals to enhance them.

Fishing Skills & Abilities in Lost Ark

As you progress with fishing and level up the skill, you'll unlock the following abilities. These will typically make your fishing experience more fun and interesting as you progress:

  • Level 1 - Pole Fishing
  • Level 10 - Throw Bait
  • Level 20 - Catch Fishing
  • Level 30 - Net Fishing

That's all there is to going fishing and catching some fish in Lost Ark. Good luck with your adventure in Lost Ark, and don't forget to experiment with different classes on our tier list, and if one takes your fancy, then you'll probably want to grab a Powerpass. Furthermore, why not try to collect as many mounts and pets as possible for your collection?

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