Lost Ark Logging Guide - How to Unlock the Life Skill

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A character logging - cutting down a tree - in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is the latest MMOARPG on the scene. Although, the game initially launched in South Korea back in 2019, and players elsewhere across the globe have had to wait until now to gain full access to the game.

Westernised by Amazon Game Studios, the title developed by Smilegate is set to be one of the top MMO games of 2022. With an abundance of features such as mounts, skins, and pets to be collected, as well as ranked PvP, and plenty of Twitch Drops, it's en exciting time to jump onto Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark, players will be able to choose from several crafting professions known as Life Skills, which allow them to gather materials that can be used for crafting and other activities. Logging, in particular, will allow players to gather materials and resources. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about logging in Lost Ark.

What is Logging in Lost Ark

Logging is one of many Life Skills that players can select as a crafting profession. This particular skill, logging, will allow you to cut down trees and gather wood. However, it is unique from other crafting professions, as logging will allow for active co-operative play. Sometimes, you'll find a tree that may just be too big for you to cut down alone, and this is where other players can step in to help. All rewards and resources will be distributed between players equally.

Whenever a player engages in a Life Skill, they will be consuming Energy of Life from their Life Energy Meter, and energy is shared between characters on one account. Your level in this particular Life Skill will also be shared across all characters on your account. Keep this in mind whenever engaging in a crafting profession such as logging or mining.

A character logging - cutting down a tree - in Lost Ark.
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How Do I Learn Lost Ark Logging?

To be able to go logging in Lost Ark and cut down some trees, you'll need to follow the main quest line until you unlock the guide quest 'Logging, Chop Chop'. You will reach Bilbrin Forest in Luterra as a part of this quest, and will receive a Novice Logging Tool. You will then be tasked with logging two trees.

As you'll learn while doing this quest, players require a Life Skill Tool whenever participating in a Life Skill such as logging, and these can be of various rarities and qualities. The Life Skill Tool - for example, your Novice Logging Tool - will also have a set durability that will be reduced as you work on that Life Skill. To keep your tools in good shape, you can pay silver to repair them (at the cost of reducing their max durability), or you can enhance them using Crystals.

When it comes to logging in Lost Ark, you can choose to use a Logging Axe or Logging Saw for cutting down trees. An Axe will overall yield you more resources, while a Saw will simply cut down the tree faster.

Logging Skills & Abilities in Lost Ark

As you progress with logging and level up the skill, you'll unlock the following abilities:

  • Level 1 - Cut Tree
  • Level 10 - Lumberjack
  • Level 20 - Wild Growth
  • Level 30 - Kick Tree
  • Mastery Skills - Timber Appraiser, Woodcutter, Logging Master

That's all there is to know about logging, so good luck becoming a master of the Life Skill in Lost Ark. If you're looking to get the most out of Lost Ark, we recommend locating a Powerpass too. This pass will let you level up another character, and if you aren't sure which class you'd like to try next, our tier list of all the available classes has some suggestions.

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