Best ADC Champions in League of Legends 2021

Credit: Image via Riot Games

Credit: Image via Riot Games

The "win condition" in any traditional MOBA game usually rests with the carry role. Similarly, in League of Legends, the ADC, or Attack Damage Carry is the traditional win condition in matches happening on Summoner's Rift.

ADCs usually take up the bottom lane and are accompanied by a support champion. The role of the support champion is to ensure that the ADC can farm in peace without facing too excessive harassment from the enemy champions. You can check out the best support heroes in the current meta here.

Having said that, the ADC's main role is to ensure that they have a substantial amount of farm in the form of levels and items. This will help the champion in carrying their team through the late game and ensure a victory.

Additionally, we also have a guides section to help new players have a better in-game experience. Check out our guides here:

It's worth noting though, League of Legends' developers have revealed that there are going to be big changes to the games meta as we approach League of Legends World Championship. So we'll likely update this page following the release of League of Legends 11.23 if there are big changes.

For now, lets take a look at the Best ADC Champions that League of Legends has to offer.

Best ADCs in LoL

#5 Kai'Sa

Kai'Sa, also known as the Daughter of the Void, is an exceptionally strong marksman who relies heavily on her basic attacks. Having said that, Kai'Sa also relies heavily on magic damage due to her Second Skin passive ability.

Kai'Sa is equipped with a arsenal that can not only deal massive damage to enemies but also generate shields to enhance her own sustainability. Additionally, her Supercharge ability allows Kai'Sa to generate massive attack speed and movement speed bonuses to gain an advantage over her enemies.

Like most ADCs in League of Legends, Kai'Sa requires a notable amount of farm to build her favorable items before she can unleash her true potential. However, once Kai'Sa hits her desired item timing, she can be an absolutely devastating force in Summoner's Rift.

#4 Caitlyn

One of the most reliable ADCs in League of Legends, Caitlyn is an extremely strong marksman who specialises in dealing physical damage. If Caitlyn is given a free laning stage, she is capable of shredding the entire enemy team with the massive amount of damage she deals.

On top of bonus physical damage from her passive ability Hookshot, Caitlyn is also equipped with a root mechanic as well as a slow mechanic with her Yordle Snap Trap and 90 Caliber Net respectively. Additionally, her Piltover Peacemaker and Ace in the Hole abilities deal huge chunks of physical damage to the enemy.

Combined with a lifesteal item, Caitlyn can turn into a raid boss during the mid and late-game stages. Needless to say, her rather simple gameplay mechanic makes Caitlyn one of the easiest champions to master for the ADC role.

#3 Ezreal

Despite being a traditional ADC Marksman, Ezreal relies a fair bit on casting her abilities as well. The Prodigal Explorer is equipped with an arsenal that allows her to blow up enemy champions with both physical and magical damage.

Ezreal's passive ability, Rising Spell Force grants her increased attack speed based on the number of times she hits an enemy with her basic attacks. Additionally, her Arcane Shift ability allows Ezreal to blink across a fixed distance while also dealing magic damage and revealing hidden enemies.

Apart from all these, Ezreal's ultimate ability, Trueshot Barrage allows the champion to deal huge chunk of combined damage to all enemies caught in it's path. Combining all of these abilities together makes Ezreal an extremely strong ADC champion in the current League of Legends meta. Additionally, the champion is fairly simple to understand and master, thus being a viable choice for new players too.

#2 Kog'Maw

One of the most feared ADC in the current meta, Kog'Maw is one of the few champions in the MOBA genre who have a chance of greatly benefiting from their own death. Icathian Suprise, Kog'Maw's passive ability delays the champion's death by four seconds to eventually erupt and deal True Damage to all enemies caught in the vicinity.

The Mouth of the Abyss is not only capable of dealing massive damage to enemies but also has the ability to inflict a movement slow debuff on enemy champions. Additionally, he is capable of empowering his own basic attacks with Bio-Arcane Barrage while also annihilating enemies with Living Artillery.

Considering all of his capabilities as an ADC, Kog'Maw is one of the strongest marksman in the current meta. Nevertheless, Kog'Maw is a fairly challenging champion to master and might take quite a bit of practice before pulling him out in a ranked match.

#1 Ashe

Ashe is one of the most iconic ADC in League of Legends who has been known for various flashy plays in the game's history. The Frost Archer is best known for her ability to shred through an enemy's entire health pool in a matter of nano-seconds. However, Ashe is a fairly squishy champion during the early-game stage and can be quite susceptible to ambushes and ganks from the enemy team.

Nevertheless, with the help of a defensive support who can ensure Ashe's safety in the laning stage, she goes on to become one of the most fearsome late-game champions in League of Legends. On top of everything, Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow can be devastating for the enemy team when cast in a favorable situation.

Considering the massive amount of physical damage that Ashe can deal while also slowing down enemies with her Frost Shot passive ability, the champion is an ideal fit for the ADC role. On top of everything, Ashe is one of the easiest champions to master in League of Legends, thus making her an ideal pick even for players queueing in for the first time.

Apart from the five champions mentioned in this list, players can also opt for champions like Sivir, Ziggs, Jhin, and Vayne based on their individual play style.

General Tips for the ADC

The ADC role is arguably the one with the most responsibility in League of Legends. On top of securing a good game for themselves, the ADC also needs to focus on the "win-condition" of the respective game. Additionally, the ADC is also expected to "carry" the rest of their team to a victory during the late-game stages.

Having said that, here are a few general tips that will allow players to have a better experience as an ADC champion in League of Legends,

  • The primary focus of the ADC is to secure farm and experience for themselves
  • The ADC needs to know about their item timings in order to capitalize before the enemy hits their timing
  • The ADC role requires a lot of kiting (engaging, disengaging, and engaging again) to make the enemy waste their abilities and hand a massive advantage for your team.
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