League of Legends players bemoan that the UK has gone through three Prime Ministers since Dr Mundo’s last new skin

League of Legends' Dr Mundo alongside three ex-UK Prime Ministers.

If you count yourself among the League of Legends elite, alongside streamers like Tyler1, you’ve probably been spending a lot of time lately enjoying this year’s World Championship so far, especially with a freshly redesigned trophy up for grabs.

This probably also means that you won’t have been able to pull yourself away from preparing for your quest to earn K’Sante’s Prestige Empyrean skin or listening to Lil Nas X’s Star Walkin’ long enough to keep an eye on British politics.

However, one player on Reddit has, and they aren’t happy with the current ratio of Prime Ministerial departures to newly released League champion skins.

Do you think each new UK PM should come with a fresh champion skin?

The thread containing their justified outage in the League of Legends subreddit began with a post from the player in question, user Pretend-Elderberry25, who lamented: “The UK has had three prime ministers resign since (Dr) Mundo’s last skin.” They then revealed themselves to be UK-dwelling Zilean main and suggested: “I believe that the least Riot Games should do is give my champion a new skin every time I get a new prime minister.”

While a couple of their fellow players agreed with their idea, others thought that Dr Mundo’s skin drought wasn’t the end of the world, with user Proxnite asking: “Why would you want a new Mundo skin when the pinnacle of perfection that is Corporate Mundo already exists?”, prompting Pretend-Elderberry25 to reply that they’d mainly posted to try and bag more Zilean skins.

However, while many players in the thread weren’t too keen to advocate for new Dr Mundo skins, user azns123 did nominate him to move into ten Downing Street, saying: “The solution is simple, elect Dr. Mundo as prime minister. He's a doctor and a proven businessman.”, leading PaintItPurple to add: “Prime Mundoster would be a great skin concept.”

Meanwhile, user Papaya_Dreaming had a go at reassuring Pretend-Elderberry25 via a very accurate impression of Overwatch’s Tracer, saying: “Um uh, cheer up, love. No matter how dark it gets, the cavalry will be here? Three prime ministers, oy? You must get that feeling of deja vu, and to me it looks like you need a time out.”

Regardless of whether you’re using League to distract yourself from the UK’s political turmoil, make sure to follow us for more League of Legends updates as new patches and characters arrive.

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