Not quite League of Legends President Lil Nas X to compose 2022 World Championship song

An image of Lil Nas X in League of Legends.

An image of Lil Nas X in League of Legends.

If you count yourself among the League of Legends elite, alongside streamers like Tyler1, you’re probably pretty hyped for this year’s World Championship, especially with a freshly redesigned trophy up for grabs.

Well, if you can manage to put down Loldle for long enough to tune into this year’s edition of the tournament, you’re set to be treated to a brand new track designed to get everyone in the mood to play some League.

This banger is set to be composed by Old Town Road star Lil Nas X, who’s taking the responsibility pretty seriously.

Did you fall for the Lil Nas X as League President prank?

The bop in question, which is called “STAR WALKIN" is set to debut on September 23, just before the tournament kicks off in Mexico City, with a live performance of it set for the opening ceremony prior to the world final, which is set to take place on November 5 in San Francisco.

Lil Nas is also receiving a little bit of an honour, being jokingly declared as Riot Games’ new President of League of Legends. As you can see in the video below, though this is just a prank, with the true collaboration between the two parties being purely musical.

“I’m going to make the best Worlds anthem of all time and put on the biggest, coolest, sexiest Worlds in the history of all Worlds!” said Lil Nas X, adding: “STAR WALKIN’ is the only song anyone is allowed to listen to from now on. Swag (for real)!”

As part of this incredibly sexy Worlds, a unique skin inspired by the rapper, called "Prestige Empyrean K'Sante", is set to be added to the game and will be unlockable for players who play enough League or Teamfight Tactics games to earn 2k Worlds 2022 tokens between November 3 and November 14.

Naz Aletaha, Riot Games’ Global Head of League Esports said of Lil Nas: “We’ve all been blown away by his vision, passion, and undeniable style, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the Worlds stage in San Francisco this November.”

Regardless of whether you’re going to be playing the new League anthem on repeat until November, make sure to follow us for more League of Legends updates as new patches and characters arrive.

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