League of Legends Streamer Tyler1 Plays Obscene Number of Matches During Trip to Korea

An image of a League of Legends champion.

Some streamers are infamous for the length of their gaming sessions, with ten-hour binges and intermittent 24-hour slogs having become common practice in the profession that (sometimes literally) never sleeps.

League of Legends is a popular game among many of these creators, with its multiplayer matches making for engaging viewing.

However, one of these streamers, Tyler1, has been taking his streaming game to a whole new level while in Korea, averaging around 22 to 23 games per day for around 16 days.

League of Legends Streamer Tyler1 Plays Obscene Amount of Matches During Trip to Korea

As user elivel outlined in a post in the League of Legends subreddit, this average adds up to “around 360 games in 15-16 days”, adding: “absolute unit, a legend, giving it all”.

Some users in the thread below the post were horrified by the idea of playing that much League in such a short timeframe, with OrangePoison saying: “Sometimes I play 5 games in a row and my mind becomes foggy.”

Other users shared stories of attempting similar streaks to Tyler1, with one revealing: “I once played 16 games straight of ranked solo queue. Safe to say that my mind went through the grinder halfway through.”

On the other hand, user EclipseTemplarX was left with questions, asking: “Has he gone outside or has he just stayed in his hotel room/house/apartment to play League. Just curious”.

Luckily, another user, was on hand to answer: “he went to a cat cafe for like an hour with Macaiyla a few days ago and he goes to a gym, but other than that he’s been in his hotel room”.

A few other players speculated that Tyler might extend his trip to Korea if he gets close to the Challenger rank near the end of it, with one user saying: “no way Tyler of all people is leaving Korea just a few wins off of (challenger)”.

Meanwhile, user Tabriel013 neatly summed up the entire situation, saying: “League is quite the drug”.

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