League of Legends players have mixed reactions to new Summoner’s Cup trophy design

Promo art for a League of Legends champion.
Credit: Riot Games.

Promo art for a League of Legends champion.
Credit: Riot Games.

For those who dedicate their days to mastering League of Legends, or are just big fans of esports, the Summoner’s Cup is one of the most recognisable symbols of League excellence.

Awarded to those who can put down Loldle for long enough to come out on top in the League of Legends World Championship, the trophy has recently undergone a complete redesign by jeweller Tiffany & Co ahead of this year’s tournament.

Now, the finished product has been unveiled to the world, and League players on Reddit seem to be a little split on it.

Fancy a go at lifting the new Summoner’s Cup?

Posting to begin a thread on the subject on r/leagueoflegends, user A-Manual shared the YouTube video of the new trophy being revealed, which you can watch below.

Reception to swanky silverware from other players in the thread was mostly positive, with user deemerritt saying: “The names being etched into (it) and the 5 positions on the trophy are insanely good touches” and Mecuesta1 adding: “Looks great imo. Clean, with not much going on, which is the art direction that Riot has been going to (for) the last few years.”

User spillingTheBean pointed out that trophy should also work well from a practical perspective, saying: “(I) love the five handles, (it) was always a bit awkward to hoist the old one,” while Rayser1 agreed, saying: “Yeah I really like that theoretically everyone can have an easy grip on it and could grab the handle corresponding to their position.”

However, this approval was hardly universal, with b0wpwp arguing: “personally, I think it's too plain and empty. If they add more gems or even etched some designs, I feel it'll be a bit better” and Pichi2man echoing this by saying: “Damn, idk, I just don't like the minimalist style of it.”

Among those who weren’t big fans of the new cup, a few gave some love to the old version of it, with user cardscook77 saying: “It’ll grow on us for sure, but it just isn’t as iconic as the old one. I don’t mind change but I feel like this was really unnecessary,” and JohrDinh adding: “I probably prefer the old one still but both are fine I guess.”

Regardless of which Summoner’s Cup you dig the most, make sure to follow us for more League of Legends updates as new patches and characters arrive.

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